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First aid for Burns

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Thermal burns to the skin in the home – it burns from boiling water, hot steam, flame, hot metal – in other words, from the effects on the skin at high temperatures. This skin cells are dying. The higher the temperature, the deeper the burn. I degree burn – is a reddening of the skin burn of II degree – blistering of the skin; III degree burn – skin necrosis; IV degree burns – the deep tissue necrosis. The severity of the burns depends on the area of destruction.

First aid for Burns

First aid – to cool the surface of the burn with cold water to stop the further effect of temperature, and subjective – to reduce the sensation of pain. At 10-15 min cool down the affected areas with cold water, ice, snow, and then close them with a dry antiseptic dressing. (more…)

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