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The Charter of Rights for Older

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Respect for the elderly

  • Even sick, disabled, vulnerable, dependent, or insane, the person retains its rights and FDI guard duties to her.
  • The charter was created in 1987 and amended in 1996.
  • The elderly in hospital or institution is able to refer to know and claim their rights.

Contents of charter
1. Lifestyle Choices:
Anyone dependent care freedom to choose their lifestyle.
2. Home & Environment:
The place of living of the dependent elderly, home or personal property, must be chosen by it and adapted to their needs.
3. A social life despite disability:
Anyone dependent must retain the freedom to communicate, move and participate in the life of society.
4. Presence and role of family:
The maintenance of family relationships and friendship networks is essential for the frail elderly.
5. Wealth and income:
Anyone dependent must maintain control of his assets and income available.
6. Enrichment activity:
Anyone dependent should be encouraged to maintain operations.
7. Freedom of conscience and religious practice:
Anyone dependent must participate in religious or philosophical choice. (more…)

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