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Tendonitis in bodybuilding

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Tendonitis is quite simply a tendon inflation only lasts about 48-72 hours, whose clinical manifestation is simple and obvious it spontaneously localized pain, tenderness or mobility. The basic problem arising from the condition of a chronic injury to no therapeutic remedies in due course.


When we become chronic tendonitis to a tendinosis, a situation that for many people seems to have no medical solution, when the reality is very different, it is possible to cure most chronic tendonitis, avoiding surgery, simply by reviewing in detail the causes that have given rise to the inflammatory process evolves and lasts over time.

Whatever the underlying cause of the process, the phenomenon responsible for the intimate frame will be a change in the capillary micro-circulation of the tendon, with the consequent worsening of blood flow that provides oxygen and nutrients to the fibroblasts. (more…)

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