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Food supplements to keep their spirits

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

There are many elements that make that one has no moral. Work, family, money when you are in a stressful situation, you feel that things will get worse. To boost your morale, you can use nutritional supplements that will give you back the smile quickly. Discover the amazing properties of magnesium and omega-3.


When you get frustrated and very sensitive, consider magnesium. This product is very effective in calming the nerves and soothes the mind. In short, it helps restore nervous equilibrium. It helps to better manage your emotions while allowing you to be at peace in terms of psychic. Magnesium acts on several fronts. First, it helps regulate the heart beat. It is also in the muscles and regulates the body’s metabolism.


Magnesium is present in the food. This element is particularly present in dried vegetables, chocolate, but also in full cereals. It can also consume as food supplement. Today, there are many formulas. The simplest is that associates the magnesium with vitamin B6. The latter has the particularity to promote the assimilation of magnesium. (more…)

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