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Preventing Childhood Diabetes

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Diabetes is the second most common chronic disease in childhood. Originally it was just a disease of adults, but with the growing rate of childhood obesity, associated with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, the incidence of diabetes increased significantly between boys and girls. Diabetes is characterized by an alteration in the production of the hormone insulin by the pancreas or resistance to the action of insulin by the body. It is insulin that helps the body convert sugar (or glucose) into energy, thus promoting the smooth functioning of the human body.
You can prevent this disease from the birth of children. Prevention can start with breastfeeding, avoiding artificial food, rich in sugars desnecesarios during this phase. To prevent childhood obesity and diabetes, it is necessary for children to enjoy healthy eating and physical activity, avoiding leading a sedentary lifestyle, staying long in front of the television, computer or video games. Children need a diet rich in fiber and low in sugar. Ideally, decrease intake of rapidly absorbed sugars such as refined sugar, dark glass and honey, and replace the existing sugar in pasta, and fruits. (more…)

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