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Eggs are good, because laws

Monday, October 17th, 2011

The eggs are often in the dock when it comes to health, particularly of high cholesterol and obesity.

eggs for health

This is a mistake that should never be done, in fact, eggs are rich in antioxidants, substances important for the health of our body, useful for cell renewal and to counteract the action of free radicals over time.

Often when you are dieting, or analysis indicate high cholesterol levels, it tends to eliminate the eggs, though in some respects this is true at the same time, it is equally true, that eggs are rich in vitamins and proteins, and that should be eaten sparingly.

Generally diets indicate to consume at least two eggs a week, the secret lies in the way of cooking, especially avoiding too much fat and no frying. Ideal would be hard-boiled or poached. (more…)

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