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Riley-Day syndrome: pain without pain

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

The Riley-Day syndrome is the antithesis of zen dream: it is a rare disorder that affects nerves in the body. The result is a total patient suffers from an inability to react to pain. As opposed to what seek the monks, in this case has nothing to do concentration or determination. The problem is purely and simply a natural dysfunction, a disorder.

This insensitivity to physical pain is far more dangerous than it seems because it leads to unintentional injuries given by a complete inability to measure risk. So often, individuals who develop this type of failure in perception often succumb to nervous shock, wounds, burns or tears. Unfortunately, the expected life time of a patient with Riley-Day is very short.

Symptoms of this rare disease characterized by the lack of response to painful stimuli also include diarrhea and constipation, severe scoliosis, decreased taste, hives, feeding difficulties, growth deficiency, sleep apnea, lack of coordination, seizures, fever, high blood pressure and hypotonia. (more…)

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