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Becoming a pediatrician

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

How many years of study? What degrees, what training? What is this business? Working hours? Income, wages? Where can I train? Application does a lot of travel? Where can I do this job? Constraints? The qualities that it takes?

pediatrician salary

The pediatrician, the doctor is simply children. Now who says doctor, said long study of medicine. The course to become a pediatrician is very long and full of pitfalls, and requires a high level from the outset, as to become a general practitioner or surgeon.

Studies pediatrician
To become a pediatrician, 11 years of studies are needed. He must first obtain a scientific bin, preferably with honors and then cross the dam extremely selective of the first year of medicine. The first year passed from nursing schools & colleges, studied medicine for 6 years. (more…)

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