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Panic Attack

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

In recent years the so-called “panic attack” or “panic disorder” has become a recurring theme. A new disease of modern society that can affect anyone, regardless of sex, social status or age. But let us first see what is this disease:

Panic Attack

When the first episodes occur, symptoms usually appear for no apparent reason that incurs. Later crisis are adding associated with places or situations, such as leaving home, being alone, with many people spaces or confined spaces.

As a result of these crises a person begins to feel worried because they do not want to re-experience the same situation again and then the tendency is to avoid situations and places associated with any new episode.

The logical consequence of this type of painting is a state of fear called “anticipatory anxiety” and so the person begins to develop several behaviors to avoid situations known as “Agorafobia” with the aim of not being exposed to the risk of living moments which may generate the risk of further panic attacks. (more…)

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