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The Pituitary

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

The pituitary is a small gland hung to the floor of the third ventricle by a narrow stalk, the pituitary stalk, and housed in the sella dug the body of the sphenoid. Its weight is 0.60 g, the size of a pea.
It consists of three parts, whose functions are totally different: the anterior lobe, intermediate lobe and the posterior lobe.

The Pituitary

The Anterior Lobe
The anterior pituitary or adenohypophysis is composed of two kinds of cells: cells chromophil rich granules or acidophilic (40% of anterior pituitary cells) or basophils (10% of cells) and cells chromophobe (50% cells) devoid of granules.
The anterior pituitary secretes many susbtances, hormones or stimulines true:

Growth hormone GH (Grow Hormone)
It is also known as growth hormone. It ensures a harmonious development of the human body and is responsible for the size of the subject. It stimulates growth and therefore in this specific action on the growth plates that hypertrophy significantly under its action. The hypophysectomy leads to arrest of growth in young animals, administration of excessive growth hormone to a normal growth track leads to gigantism. (more…)

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