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All you need to know about organic food

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Organic food is the result of a method of culture or transformation using no chemicals. However, a product transformed, with 95% of its components are natural, can also be treated as such. Here is all you always wanted to know about organic food.

What is organic food?

The production of organic food products meets several requirements. First, the earth must be respected. This is done through the choice of the seed which must be adapted to the climate, but also to the cultivated land. There is also the crop rotation and the use of synthetic chemicals. Then, there is respect for the consumer any food placed on the market must be healthy and have undergone a thorough control. Containers, packaging Kraft paper and glass bottles are preferred. They must be made with natural and recyclable materials.

organic harvest

To enjoy the benefits of organic food products, it is advisable to eat when fresh. As for the choice of these products must take into account the size and shape in terms of fruits and vegetables. Their appearance should be “normal.” This ensures that fertilizers are not used chemicals. (more…)

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