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Immediate load implantology: what is it?

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

The immediate load implantlogy is a particular type of targeted intervention to restore a tooting effective in completely or partially edentulous patients in very short time: on completion of the operation, in fact, those who are undergoing surgical implant immediate load can immediately take advantage of his new teeth.

Immediate load implantology

But we are more specifically: implantology, which is the science which deals with the installation of stationary firmly anchored to the bone, it splits into two currents of thought, or the immediate load implantology and the deferred load. In the immediate load, once applied to the implant on the bone, your dentist will proceed directly to the installation of the capsules, i.e. components that physically replace missing teeth and that will withstand the daily processes of chewing and dental hygiene. (more…)

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