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The healing secret of six syllables

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

If Sun Miao, was a Chinese physician and alchemist who lived in the V century and hid his secrets healing of the six syllables Xu, He, Hu, Si, Xi and Chui.

This is a technique of Medical Qigong, the six syllables have a wavelength that creates a resonance that strikes a balance between the so-called life energy (Chi) from each of the internal organs.

If Sun Miao had a vast training and through studies and research could synthesize information from various sources Buddhists and Taoists. He made so many experiments with sound practice in instrumental and then phonic principles. These experiments led him to discover amazing therapeutic results.

This technique known as the Six Healing Sounds will make sitting comfortably and with a straight spine, this is ideal, although other positions are also accepted.

The Six Healing Sounds should pronounce correctly and six times each, expiring to note that the air leaving the mouth is cold. Where inspiration takes positive energy, white light, and the ideal is that the sound is emitted into the body through vibration to receive a massage. Each sound has a vibration that affects a specific organ, which purifies and heals both physically and emotionally. (more…)

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