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Nursing Scrubs & Medical lab coats – Why it is important?

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Scrubs are shielding clothing that is used by medical staff consisting of
doctors, nurses, auxiliaries and other hospitals, clinics, and in particular in operation rooms. The medical garment took its name from bushes, from the washing process and vigorously washing the arms and forearms before any operational procedure.

Nursing Scrubs

Initially the doctors and nurses used to carry gowns and aprons. These sets have been replaced today by the medical weed. Nursing Scrubs now become a more proficient with the shirts, caps and pants. These official uniforms physicians today are designed for comfort and ease in operating rooms for staff due to be free and loose accessories. So when refer to the weed, which actually referred to the professional medical staff in hospitals or medical centers. (more…)

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