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Fever in Children

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

It starts in the brain
To really understand what is fever, you need to know the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the brain center. Think of it as the body’s thermostat, the device is in the walls of many houses and used for adjusting the temperature of the heating and / or air conditioning. The hypothalamus knows what temperature should be the body of a person and sends messages to the body to be set and maintained at that temperature.
The body temperature of most humans is around 37 ° C (98.6 ° Fahrenheit). Some people will have a normal temperature a little higher, others will have it a little lower.
The body temperature of most people also varies slightly during the day: it will be a little lower in the morning and a little higher in the evening.

What is fever?
Fever is not a disease but the body’s response to an abnormal situation. In children, most commonly it is caused by an infection, so it is not so much control fever and properly diagnose and treat the infection. There are even plenty of evidence showing that moderate fever facilitates the body’s defense mechanisms against infections.
Other causes of fever can be dehydration, excess clothing, especially in newborns, drug reaction, allergy, and very occasionally, some tumors. (more…)

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