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What is gout

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Diseases suffered by humans are of all kinds. One of the questions we’ve done is about a disease that is associated with uric acid : what is gout.


Quickly and intuitively we can say that the drop is the inflammation of joints, and that is usually attached to a large amount of uric acid. The uric acid is one of the products that the body wants and what discarded. When the drop occurs, if the amount of uric acid is high, form a needle-shaped crystals that are installed inside the joints, and this is where ignition occurs. These crystals can stay close to the joint tissue or under the skin. Over time, this is a problem because it can cause arthritis. On the other hand, the glass can lodge in the kidney, which would generate the known calculation and kidney stones, which cost both stools. (more…)

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