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Ginger – what the root of all kinds can be Sharp

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

For thousands of years in Asia, ginger is regarded as a medicinal plant – because of its essential oils and pungent. Hardly any other plant is so firmly rooted in both traditional medicine and in the Far Eastern cuisine such as this unassuming tuber. Ginger calms the stomach and relaxes, prevents nausea and vomiting – for example when traveling – and brings the sluggish digestion going. At the same time, the whole organism is internally heated.


Fresh ginger can be eaten because of its strong flavor in small portions. Candied fruit drying and makes it softer. Thus he becomes a healthy snack that can be enjoyed even in larger quantities.
Instant tea drinkers appreciate the warming effect of ginger. During the cold winter days, he is a good inimitable Einheizen before going outside. Simply a piece of ginger cut into thin slices to make with boiling water and take five minutes. (more…)

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