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Nutritional recommendations for cancer patients

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Though feeding is often very helpful to patients with this disease, usually cancer patients should take advantage of consumption and a diet of natural foods and dietary supplements should complement nutrition for a completely satisfactory.

nutritional recommendations for cancer patients

There are many situations that arise as side effects of mediation that has to consume to achieve an improvement and we need this at the time of feeding.

  • In the particular case of vomiting, we must reduce the intake of fats and fried foods, foods of strong odors, since they often cause nausea and is also important to reduce anxiety and not conducive to proper digestion.
  • These patients often suffer from constipation, so should not be missing fiber in your diet, fruits, vegetables such as prunes and vegetables, will not have to resort to laxatives.
  • Diarrhea, we must always insist that cancer patients are well hydrated, soft drinks, not sodas, intakes astringent for diarrhea such as rice, carrots, apples, chicken, and in these cases should rest for milk and fruit mature. (more…)
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