Nursing Ethics and Bioethics

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

The progress that humanity has developed in science, technology and genetic medical treatment during the last two decades of the century and this century have created a gap between the values ethical, legal, human and the same evolution of humanity. In a universal dilemma of ethics and bioethics in humanity, especially in the career of nursing because it carries a set of values in binding regulations, which may perhaps lead to contradictions.
Within the power nurse is not free of this situation, since we are the people who remain in direct contact with the user and their needs and potential. Also, the nurse is part of the team research, of teaching and administration, making regulated progress of science, his commitment to humanity, to life with the environment, ie everything.
The ethics and bioethics leads to pass to the nurse about the various fields either practical or theoretical, and that is where da-binding code of ethics also entails practice from the race in order to make the nurse faces several problems.

On the Ethics of Professional training, Guido Gatti said that “… The high professions themselves can become a place of true self, only if done with a social concern …”
Ethics is considered as the science of goodness and badness of human action but if you talk as it already covers profession as the professional setting in a stable manner and honored the service given to other individuals and for personal profit, driven by their own vocation and the dignity which is the individual human. (more…)

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