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What to do about dry eyes?

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Fresh air and vitamins help to dry eyes

Dry eyes can often be caused by certain medications, environmental factors such as fumes and smoke, or a state such as menopause can be triggered. But the work on the screen can cause dry eyes, as the slowing of the automatic blinking stare at the computer.

Dry Eye Drops

Fresh, moist air helps dry eyes

In the car, airplane or air-conditioned rooms, the eyes dry out quickly. On the other hand often helps a walk in the fresh air. Finally, our eyes through years of evolution and development tailored to the nature and with no air conditioning in buildings or vehicles. Even dry heated air in winter can cause dry eyes. To the humidity in overheated or cooled rooms with air conditioning to increase, are water bowls (on heating), sufficient indoor plants, an aquarium or professional humidifier. Even the regular ventilate for a few minutes improves the humidity. These measures can at least relieve the symptoms if the cause is to look at the indoor climate. (more…)

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