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Caring eyes in summer

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

You know that in summer you have to take many precautions: sunscreen on your skin, monitored with food, hydrate properly. Also, pay special attention to eye care, although you should always be taken into account during this time suffer from the effects of sun. So you can enjoy the good weather and everything station offers without jeopardizing the health eye, you should the follow a few tips.

caring eyes in summer

First, it is very important to use the glasses of sun, which are not only a fashion. Thanks to the approved glass and a good sunscreen, you can isolate the solar radiation. Therefore, you should buy in optics. On the other hand, must pay more attention to the protection of the most small, they are more sensitive to sunlight, since the lens does not cover entirely the penetration of radiation. Also during this time tend to spend more time outdoors. It is best to begin to wear sunglasses after 5 years. You can supplement this protection with the use of caps or hats. (more…)

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