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Semiology of Neurology

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

I – The neurological examination
Motor Examination
Evaluation of muscle strength

  • Find a motor deficit: failure to maintain the Member ‘in air’
  • Barre maneuver: the patient in the prone position, knees bent, and must keep the legs vertical to the upper limbs: horizontal arms, elbows outstretched wrists dorsiflexed maximum, we talk about deficits when the hand is widening.

Assessment of muscle tone
Search for hypo or hypertonia: passive movement of limbs and neck with someone relaxed
Assessment of voluntary movements
Tests of finger-nose, heel-knee puppets exceeded the goal, incoordination (cerebellar syndrome), slowed movement or stiff (piriformis syndrome)
Reflexes (ROT)
Search areflexia or exaggerated muscle contraction: relaxed person, members released the doctor struck with the reflex hammer and the tendon in question observed muscle contraction
Cutaneous plantar reflex (Babinski sign)
When scraping the plant externally using a blunt, there is flexion of the toes, if there is a slow and stately extension of the big toe, speaking of the pyramidal motor path (more…)

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