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All you need to know about essential oils

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Essential oils are the foundation of an aromatherapy treatment. Aromatherapy is a medical practice that aims to cure diseases by extracts of aromatic plants. There are different types of essential oils by the chemical nature of the active core.

essential oils

What is essential oil?

An essential oil is the concentrated liquid contained in the aromatic compounds from a plant. It is obtained by steam distillation or by extraction of water by chemical solvents. In other words, the essential oil is a fragrant liquid of complex composition and usually collected in a raw material such as plant and botanically defined. The essential oil is constituted by a mixture of various molecules, including terpenes, i.e. derived from isoprene and oxygenates such as ketones, alcohols or aldehydes. The amount of essential oil in a plant is usually very low, hence the selling price of the latter pretty expensive. Furthermore, it is to know that essential oils are categorized depending on the chemical nature of their active ingredients. Also, most of them are composed largely of more or less complex mixed esters, alcohols, sesquiterpenes or oxides. (more…)

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