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Prevent obesity in your child

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Obesity in children is increasing, unfortunately. It is important to be aware of the child’s attention right from their small size. As prevention against obesity, it is wise to teach the child to be physically active. Small children are growing much, so here it is important that the child will recover all nutritional needs through a healthy and hearty diet.

child obesity

child obesity

It is easier to prevent obesity than the child later started to lose weight. Overweight children are more susceptible to lifestyle diseases later in life.

Pay attention to obesity after 3 years of age
There is no reason to worry about obesity in children under 2 years if parents do not weigh too much. When one of you are overweight, you should from the child’s 3-year age begin to be aware that the child will have healthy, sustainable eating and a delight in physical activity, rather than the inherit your bad habits. (more…)

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