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Exercises to strengthen triceps

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

When working the arms and muscles define them, we may run on any exercises to strengthen biceps, forgetting sometimes muscle from the back of the arm, the triceps, a muscle, but may be less obvious that the biceps, covering over 60% of the arm, so it is essential to strengthen it and set it to strengthen his arm, but also from an aesthetic standpoint, as it helps define the arm, preventing sagging thereof.

exercises to strengthen triceps

Some of the exercises that will allow us to define and strengthen the triceps are the following:

Sitting in a chair with your back straight: We contract the abdominals and, we hold a dumbbell with both hands at shoulder height. Then go up and down the arms, raising the dumbbell overhead. The weight of the dumbbell will depend on our physical condition. If we have not exercised before, we choose one to five kilos, toning the muscle to go slowly. We can increase the weight according to our physical condition, but not overdo it to avoid possible injury to the neck or arms. (more…)

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