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Characteristics of Newborn

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

The data shown here are data for a new-born forward, parents “normal”:

  • Average weight: 3300g
  • Average size: 50cm
  • Head circumference: 35 cm
  • Members flexed, hands closed
  • Skin covered with a variable amount of vernix caseosa (sebaceous white fatty substance)
  • cyanosis of the extremities often
  • Fine hairs on the forehead, cheeks, shoulders and back, called lanugo
  • jaundice frequently to 2-3 days, physiological
  • perception of fontanelles
  • Respiratory rate 20 to 60/min
  • Short neck, large tongue, glottis and anterior very high (risk of difficulty in intubation)
  • Heart rate of 120 to 160/min
  • Systolic blood pressure NNE at approximately 70mmHg (PAM = Term)
  • APGAR test near or equal to 10 (see table), assessed at 1 minute and 5 minutes.


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