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Aesthetic medicine

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

The aesthetic medicine is aimed at those people who while loving and willing to take care of their beauty refused for fear or for other problems, contact the cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic medicine, in fact, allows you to be able to act on the face without resorting to the use of scalpels and anesthesia.

aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is increasingly preferred to cosmetic surgery, because of using special treatments that are performed through the use of injections can be made ​​of the aesthetic touches, without the risk of postoperative scars and suffer a require any intervention.

The most common treatments that you can do with the aesthetic medicine are: fillers, botulinum toxin or botox, peels, laser treatments, lymphatic drainage, but also follow other aesthetic medicine interventions such as pressure therapy, Carboxitherapy, RF, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy. These treatments are usually required to treat skin blemishes, aging, or due to excess weight. (more…)

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