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Abuse of the elderly

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

“Any act or omission, if it affects the life, physical integrity or mental or freedom … or seriously jeopardizes the development of his personality and / or damaging its financial security.” Council of Europe , November 1987.
Any action or lack of action that are an affront to Life and Human Rights.
The abuse is just as active and passive and reveals the concept of negligence.
Neglect is defined as a defect, error of care, implementation, lack of attention …

This exercise to someone, either actively or by omission of violence that undermine his person, his integrity corporelleet / or psychological, financial security or freedom.

(Hallo Abuse)

Since 1995 he has been creating ALMA is a network of detection and action on elder abuse.
It is an association of retired volunteers and professional sectors: social, medical, legal, whose role is to: prevent, understand and listen, advise and guide. (more…)

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