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Causes of Dandruff

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Dandruff is a very common problem in our society. Do you also suffer? In that case, I’m sure you know as well as I do, how hard it is to get rid of it.

There are plenty of treatments and cosmetics sold in pharmacies, to make dandruff disappear from our scalp, but if the problem persists, it is best to consult a dermatologist. But what are the causes of the appearance of dandruff? Today will leave doubts.

causes of dandruff affect hair

Chronic Problem

Dandruff is simply dead skin of our scalp. In some cases, the appearance of dandruff can be a chronic problem. However, in other cases the problem may be due to an incorrect hygiene , and I mean not just a lack of washes, but to do it too often. (more…)

All you need to know about essential oils

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Essential oils are the foundation of an aromatherapy treatment. Aromatherapy is a medical practice that aims to cure diseases by extracts of aromatic plants. There are different types of essential oils by the chemical nature of the active core.

essential oils

What is essential oil?

An essential oil is the concentrated liquid contained in the aromatic compounds from a plant. It is obtained by steam distillation or by extraction of water by chemical solvents. In other words, the essential oil is a fragrant liquid of complex composition and usually collected in a raw material such as plant and botanically defined. The essential oil is constituted by a mixture of various molecules, including terpenes, i.e. derived from isoprene and oxygenates such as ketones, alcohols or aldehydes. The amount of essential oil in a plant is usually very low, hence the selling price of the latter pretty expensive. Furthermore, it is to know that essential oils are categorized depending on the chemical nature of their active ingredients. Also, most of them are composed largely of more or less complex mixed esters, alcohols, sesquiterpenes or oxides. (more…)

The massage with pouches of herbs

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

The massage with pouches of herbs is a technique that comes from Thailand. This treatment is performed with multiple benefits from the sixteenth century. At the time, it was reserved for royalty and high society of Siam.

The massage with pouches of herbs

Description of a massage with pouches of grass

The massage with pouches of grass combines all the benefits of a massage at the Aromatherapy. Indeed, the pouches of herbs are a bunch of different herbs wrapped in a cotton cloth or linen. Each herb has its therapeutic properties. For example: lemon grass stimulates blood circulation, the Mint operates on systems, respiratory and digestive systems, turmeric reduces pain, etc… Thus, each pouch is of a different composition according to desired outcomes. There are pouches of herbs to the body and others to the facial. (more…)

Cellulite massage techniques

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

What are the best anti-cellulite massage techniques? Many women know that undergoing appropriate treatments at beauty centers, such as massages, you can get good results in combating in orange peel skin, so many are interested to understand what are anti-cellulite massage techniques can ensure the best results.

Cellulite massage techniques

All beauticians experts, with proper training and an appreciable amount of experience, know how cellulite massage can be performed so that it can provide valuable and obvious results, one must consider that a basic cellulite treatment which can be just a massage aims above all to encourage the movement locally, thus also stimulating for the circulation of the capillaries at the base of this imperfection in fact there are mainly of circulatory inefficiency. (more…)

Ayurvedic massage in all its forms

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

The technique of massage from India, Ayurvedic massage, is sought for its virtues, both therapeutic and relaxing. Massage of the head, stomach, muscle relaxation technique, it is partly the specifics of Ayurvedic massage.

Ayurvedic massage

Massage Chavutti thimural for muscle pain

The massage Chavutti Thimural is a technique of medicine Ayurvedic that belongs to the branch Rasayanam. It is counseled for the people that have a job of the rather loaded, subject time to the anxiety and the fatigue. To practice it, the massager uses the feet in order well to readjust the vital saps or doshas. By way of information, it exists three supplementary energies in the body of the man: the vata, the kappha and the pitta. (more…)

Osteopathy: when and why

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Osteopathy, how many times you will have heard of or nominate this word in terms of curative or therapeutic body, but you really know what it is?


First things first, the Osteopathy is a medical practice that aims to cure physical ailments or some linked to them, with the only manipulation of the hands, and then without the use of drugs.

Osteopathy facts, is a term that derives from the greek: osteon same as bones, and pathos, or suffering, this means that its inventor, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still put in place at the end of the nineteenth century, wanted indicate with this term care of the bones in our body, and then look through the manipulation, the solution to certain situations of physical pain and suffering. (more…)

The health spa – what have these facilities

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

The health spa facilities are dedicated to wellness and care of body and mind, which offer a wide range of healing treatments and solutions for those who had the need to combat disease or small health problems.


The term spa refers specifically spas, or facilities that offer the possibility of following spa treatments using the precious thermal waters. The spa, consequently, are structures that arise in close proximity of the natural thermal springs.

The thermal waters of the stations have extraordinary healing properties, especially as regards the treatment of respiratory diseases: a lot of people with lung problems or breathing in general is indeed prescribed to go at the Spa at regular intervals. (more…)

Couples therapy: what is this type of treatment?

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Couples therapy is a special branch of psychology focuses on relationships, especially, as pointed out by the same name, about the emotional states that are created between partners, whether it is husband and wife, two boyfriends or simple living.

couples therapy

The type of union is almost irrelevant from this point of view, in this case because the term “couple” means the bond of affection, therefore, psychologically, between two people.

In couples therapy, the analysis of various problems and the solution of the same is generally more complex than the classical psychology, one that is therefore focused on the individual’s psyche. (more…)

Benefits of cellular therapy

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The cellular therapy or cell therapy is a medical-biological method, which introduces the procedures as therapy heptene, the Molecular Biological Therapy, and Therapy cotyledon, among many others.

benefits of cellular therapy

The purpose of this treatment is to achieve the revitalization of the body, and alter the growth or degenerative diseases, through the implantation of tissues or tissue parts that are extracted from embryos and fetuses of animals, to strengthen the tissues to prevent or delay processes that occur with certain diseases.

When the goal is to prevent aging of the body implant is performed per month for six months. This procedure can be repeated for several years as the age of the patient. (more…)

How to ease tension with the Dorn Method

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Dorn Method

Today, give elasticity to the spine and defeat can be a headache. This new discipline super-soft, (which will ensure great results), is called Dorn Method and arrives from Germany. Followed by the Breuss Massage is a winning combination to dissolve muscle tension.

The alternative medicine has several techniques that will help solve the problems of back pain, neck and defects of these are the posture. One of these is the Dorn, an interesting little-known discipline in some country but famous in Germany. It is promote the realignment of the spine with pressure on the sides of the spine while the patient performs the simple movements. (more…)

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