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Four things that complicate the erection

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects many men. Luckily you can remedy and also prevent, so you should never lose hope. Recent studies that have been conducted have revealed four very everyday things that can hinder the erection, so notes because it is never more to meet them.

Little Sun

Vitamin D is essential for anyone. We have said that it is much related to mood, and apparently also affect male libido. In the journal Clinical Endocrinology has been published a study that concluded that 30 nanograms of vitamin D per milliliter of blood needed. These levels are usually reached in August, when normally we spend more hours basking in the Sun.

male enhancement

Female tears

The journal Science has unveiled the results of a curious experiment that reveals that the smell of the female tears is not nothing good for men. This is because it reduces testosterone and reduces the degree of sexual arousal in the brain. (more…)

The insecurities of men cause women to be sexist

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

If in the past the gender gap was very wide, to the point that sexism was the predominant tendency is clear that things have changed now (at least in most Western countries), but there are still men who behave quite sexist with the female gender. Today’s question is, why?

Well the answer’s got Joshua Hart, assistant professor of psychology and author of a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and colleagues. According to the researchers, men’s insecurities about relationships and conflicts with women, and their views about potential romantic partners or rivals, could cause sexist behave with women?


In this study, Hart and colleagues Peter Glick, both of Lawrence University , and Rachel Money, of Cazenovia College , surveyed more than 400 heterosexual men and calibrated their responses regarding questions about their ” form of attachment “, the hostile sexism and benevolent sexism and their views on romance. (more…)

Symptoms of Menopause

Friday, October 26th, 2012

A woman undergoing early menopause faces lots of emotional turmoil. The unbalanced secretion of hormones does not help but aggravates the situation. A female experiencing these mood swings has no control over her emotional outbreaks. She might get angry, jittery, miffed or very cranky. But it is not she, but the hormones which are talking. Some people who are not close and do not know about the situation can take it in a wrong way. The onus lies on families to understand what all will be going on with her and treat her well to make her feel relaxed and comfortable. They have to take control here and let her go through her mood swings without interrupting it. It is already too much for the ladies to be undergoing immense physical and emotional stress. Thus all her needs should be taken care of. Here it is interesting to note that stress sometimes can cause mood swings.

A female undergoing early menopause has to face extreme fatigue. Also there are chances of disrupted sleep. Thus it is a very difficult time for a female. All the signs of early menopause have lot of effect on her emotionally and physically, as they prove quite exhausting. It is very tiring for a female to face all the symptoms. She becomes weak both physically and emotionally. She needs support and care. A female also feels anxious and depressed sometimes. This is very hard as she is put under stress. All this is due to the fluctuating hormones. A female also experiences physical pain. She might get headaches. She might also experience pain in muscles or joints. There are instances of excessive sweating in females undergoing early menopause. Hot flashes and night sweat are common in such times.

Thus it can be seen that the various symptoms are bound to take a toll on the female. The pain and the stress at the same time might be too much to handle. Also there are chances of a women breaking down or revolting. In such cases, it becomes important for the families to understand the symptoms, read the situations well and offer their support and care. They need to listen to her and show their love and support. Otherwise, it is very difficult for her to face all of it on her own. The support of loved ones can really help women in getting over this phase easily. Get more insight about menopause and its effects visiting

Women: sexual pleasure is a matter of exercises in the gym

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Never it a mystery was that the sexual pleasure feminine demonstrates in a lot of manners. But the road towards the entire emancipation of the fairer sex was covered of numerous taboo and misinformation.

Fortunately, we think the Americans to put a little ‘question cards, bringing out an online survey with a “sacrosanct” truth. The pleasure and even orgasm are not solely related to sexual activity, says an online survey conducted by experts of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University.

exercises in the gym

But what are the hottest gym exercises? In pole position there could be only the bikes and the activities that affect the abdominal muscles and hamstring, but also other exercises with machines at the gym, which clearly affect erogenous zone, by stimulating vibrations and waves of pleasure. (more…)

Sexual failure: should we talk about? How about it?

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Contrary to what one thinks, the sexual power outage concerns many people. Here are some tips to tackle them.

Sexual failure

Is it necessary to discuss the sexual failure in marriage?

The sexual failure occurs mostly in men, and occasionally earlier. Sometimes these gentlemen can not have or can not maintain an erection. These situations may be poorly supported by the couples, especially those concerned because they see a sense of shame, helplessness and incompetence. While this is really serious. Indeed, the sexual failure often occasionally, after a simple physical or psychological dysfunction. It is stress or fatigue slows sexual desire, but also alcoholism. (more…)

Homeopathy Menopause: Alternative remedies to better enjoy this stage

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

More and more women who choose to undertake a successful treatment of homeopathy for menopausal women, in order to address effectively the little physical discomfort will usually involve at this stage of life.

Homeopathy Menopause

Menopause corresponds to the loss of fertility, and generally presents between the ages of 40 and 45 years, although we can not exclude certain advances or delays.

It is a completely natural stage of life, which, however, involves some discomfort such as localized pain, abdominal bloating, osteoporosis, joint pain, and even hot flashes. (more…)

Mother and mammography becomes painless and intelligent

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011


A closer examination for women, less obtrusive, without pain and especially more effective. And because it offers mother, the new mammogram machine-fundamental examination of female breasts-that will ensure a better and very early diagnosis of any cancers.

Compared to the previous equipment for mammography, is based on PET, tomography which measure the metabolic activity of the tumor and allows to recognize and distinguish healthy cells from sick ones, when they already have a thickness of just over an inch (1.5 or so, compared with 5 mm of the conventional mammography), and therefore before become too dangerous. With the classic until now mammography was able to make a specific analysis to check for suspicious growths and nodules of breast, through a survey invasive. With this new technology, made by a group of EU-funded researchers, things will improve considerably. (more…)

The vision: a miracle of nature

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Although the number of cases of unwanted pregnancies, the fact is that the design is actually quite complicated. Getting pregnant is not so easy, and couples get take between six months to a year, which gives an idea of ​​the difficulty. Keep in mind that this is true for couples with no fertility problem.

get pregnant

Taking advantage of the period of ovulation
To become pregnant is recommended to take the period of ovulation for women. During these days, its fertility is through the roof. This occurs midway through the menstrual cycle when an egg is released from an ovary. (more…)

Five facts about birth control pills

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Asking, in any case, always represents a healthy exercise. Often happens that, whether out of shame or by fear to leave in evidence our intellectual weaknesses, men restrict the questions, too bad, therefore while itself not the ignorance be asked will continue there in its place.

birth control pills

All about the pill
Especially in the case of health, it is always important to clear any unknown. Birth control pills serve as an example of the risk to be enclosed in a taboo one: there are few women, for misuses of them have suffered serious problems from pregnancy to some type of poisoning. Therefore, from here, we present five questions, and its answers, on, just the pill.

Are there any possibility of having infertility if treatment is stopped?
Impossible. The pills can leave at the time that you want and, among the factors that may occur, there is nothing like that. The chance of infertility due to abandonment of the drug is not covered by any such medication. (more…)

How to prevent and treat candida in women

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

prevent candida

Candida is a fungal infection that affects in particular women and extends mainly in the private parts. Want to know how to treat and prevent vaginal yeast infection? Follow carefully this article and you’ll know.

Prevent the emergence of candidates is not easy. The yeast is manifested mainly due to a decrease in vaginal flora also due to a change in pH or continuous use of antibiotic treatments that destroy our domestic defenses. Prevention means first of all maintain a stable bacterial flora. (more…)

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