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The Best Nursing Scholarships this Year

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Nursing is a noble profession. The men and women who pursue careers in practical nursing and other areas of nursing work tirelessly to provide the best care possible for their patients. However, for non-traditional students who are going to school while still working and perhaps caring for a family, the stress of paying for nursing school can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many scholarship opportunities available for nursing students to help offset the cost of education so they can focus on earning their licenses.

Many schools offer scholarships for specific degree programs. However, there are also national scholarships that can apply to nursing students in any accredited nursing program, provided they meet the other eligibility requirements. These scholarships, such as the following, are often offered annually.

Nurse Corps Scholarship Program
The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program allows students enrolled in an accredited nursing program the opportunity to offset their educational costs in exchange for working at an eligible Critical Shortage Facility upon graduation. These facilities include public hospitals, hospices, rural health clinics, and other areas that face nursing shortages. This service is usually for a minimum of two years. The scholarship pays the students’ tuition and eligible fees, other reasonable costs such as uniforms, and a monthly stipend. Not only does this allow practical nursing students the chance to pay for their education, but helps alleviate the shortage of nurses in specific areas in the health care field. Preference is given to students with the greatest financial need. Eligibility requirements and application information can be found on the Health Resources and Services Administration website. (more…)

6 Challenges Facing Modern Nurses

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Nursing is a career that is meaningful, rewarding, in-demand and, for the most part, well-compensated. A job that is also held in high-esteem, most people within the profession are grateful for the role they play within a healthcare system that allows them—and needs them—to be such a vital part of a patient’s experience and wellness.


Still, nursing is also a field whose members face plenty of challenges. Whether you’re in the thick of a multi-decade career as a nurse or just now considering joining the ranks of those enrolling in nursing programs, here is a closer look at six of the main challenges nurses within the United States face today. (more…)

Information For Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

It makes sense for those registered nurses with bachelor level training pursue course credit toward Masters of Science in Nursing programs- or for the more contemporary doctor of nursing credentialing. There has been a shift in some healthcare settings that implements more staff with graduate nursing degrees such as the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and to eliminate some roles that physicians play in these sites. The DNP degree provides nurses with enhanced leadership skills, increased knowledge regarding patient diagnosis and treatment, the ability to adeptly instruct and guide other staff or students, and an improved level of respect and esteem for those working within traditionally physician-dominated settings.

There has been an elusiveness to nursing classes and field trainings for graduate degrees in some regions, and this scarcity of programming has impeded many seeking DNP credentials. The time and effort to graduate seem to compromise existing positions, family life, and security; however, one alternative and solution to this is found with an online DNP course offerings found through web-based institutions and educators. This has opened up a new realm of possibilities for those seeking to build-on current nursing skill-sets, in an effort to secure higher-paying and more influential roles within their current healthcare employer- or new ones.  (more…)

Why You Should Consider a Degree in Healthcare Administration

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

It is generally accepted that the world’s aging population is good news for anyone wanting to work in the healthcare industry. Frequently overlooked is the fact that not everyone is capable, or has enough interest, to become a doctor, a registered nurse, or a home-health aide. For career minded people, looking for a career with a great future, healthcare administration could be the future they have been seeking.

What is a Healthcare Administrator?

Healthcare administrators do most of their work in support of the professional medical staff at hospitals and clinics. While the job of the administrator is to manage and run various types of health care facilities, every thing the administrator does is in support of the professional medical staff. The United States Labor Department defines a healthcare administrator as a person who supervises, coordinates, plans and directs the provision of healthcare, wherever it takes place.

Healthcare Administration as a Career Choice

Jobs for healthcare administrators exist in almost every type of environment where people are receiving care. Growth in the healthcare industry is not a matter of potential, as more than 10,000 Americans turn 65 years old, every day of the year.

Anyone with an interest in helping others (who is organized and has good management skills) should think hard about selecting healthcare administration and management as a career. Jobs in healthcare are mentioned in Forbes Magazine as three of the top ten best careers for the future and the federal government reports that growth in healthcare administration has the fastest growing average annual increase among all possible professions. In just the next five years the need for additional healthcare administrators will grow by almost ten percent.

Individuals choosing a career in healthcare administration can expect to be well paid. The average salary in 2012 was nearly $90,000/US. As long as the demand continues to grow, as expected, graduates with good grades and a Bachelors degree can still get into the profession, but the trend is leaning towards the requirement of a Masters degree.

The path that students should take at this time, is to obtain their Bachelors degree in health-sciences, public health, health services administration, public administration or long term care administration. Upon graduation, if no job openings are found, students should continue to work towards their master’s degree. Some universities have an internship requirement as part of the post-graduate studies curriculum.

Graduates can expect to be required to pass state licensing examinations for every state in America. Most states also require healthcare administrators to successfully complete a special state training program.

Regardless of the educational and post-graduate requirements, pursuing a career in healthcare administration is well worth giving serious consideration.

CNA certification exam to improve nursing skills

Monday, August 13th, 2012

CNA certification requires dedication and hard work of nursing students. You have to give much time and energy. Certified nursing assistants have many duties to perform under the supervision of nurses in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, mental health care institutions and health care services in the long term.

cna certification exam

Some of the state approved vocational schools, universities as well as cna certification online offer accredited CNA course for nursing students. A minimum of 75 credit hours of classes are provided to students, consisting of theoretical and practical on clinical classes. During this training program, there are plenty of skills that students are trained as follows:

Basic nursing and clinical skills, such as:- (more…)

CNA certification for medical field career

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

The CNA is a certified nursing assistant, someone who supports nurses in a hospital or nursing home. Training center offered cna classes california and training certification in this field. The classes are mandatory in most states to get a license and a license is requirement to get a job in this field. The classes can be taken at a variety of institutions.

CNA certification

cna classes are usually held at a community college or medical school. The college or training institution is required to provide study and training sessions in order to pass the state requirements and complete the test in order to obtain the license is concentrated. A profession that will always be in high demand is a certified nursing assistant. Nursing assistant should always be able to find employment in this field, whether part time or full time. (more…)

Nursing Career with LPN Programs in NYC

Monday, March 5th, 2012

The job applicants of the nursing industry that are searching for a well developed and established nursing industry that can offers lucrative salary package, should move to US to end their search. The requirement of the nursing staff members is very high in the country because it is facing the crisis of the nursing professionals. The main reason behind the heavy increasing demand is that there are large numbers of sick and ailing population, so in order to take care of them and to treat them, several nursing professionals are required. The demand for the licensed practical nurse is second highest in the nursing sector of the United States. According to the employment department of nation, LPNs can expect a growth rate of 21% in their jobs every year.

The applicants that want to get the job of practical nurse in US, must matches with the eligibility criteria stated by the United States board of nursing, which include-the age of the candidate must be 18 years or above, must not have any criminal record or the applicant should not be anti-social element, must possess graduate degree in nursing or an equivalent degree, must have completed the practical nurse training program from an approved institute and lastly, must have cleared the national licensing exam for practical nurse and lpn programs in nyc.


The study of the structure of the human body

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

The anatomy examined and describes the structure of the body, the position of the organs, their activity and their interaction. The human anatomy is a complex interplay of various organs, bones and muscles, sense organs and nervous system.


The body – a complex system

The body system can be roughly classified into various sub-systems. These include the respiratory system with lungs, trachea, diaphragm and the respiratory tract, which together form the respiratory tract. (more…)

Online Nursing Degrees

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

There are several advantages to obtaining a degree in nursing online. Those of you who are considering this possibility really be able to take it to the level you want.

online nursing degree

There are different types of nursing programs offered and available for you to adopt. Some online nursing degree programs are: CNA Certification, BSN program, RN program, MSN Certification etc. All you have to do is to decide which the right one for you and then begin.

Why should you go to nursing school on the web? The benefits of obtaining a nursing degree online are numerous. (more…)

How do start a Medical Transcription Career?

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

A medical secretary listens to recorded verbal reports to physicians on their patients. The recorded information includes a variety of patient information, including symptoms, treatments, medical conditions and other relevant data. It is the duty of the secretary for the transfer of information in typewritten form.

To start a medical transcription career, a person must receive training from a reputable medical transcription program. Medical transcription training can be provided through distance education, community colleges or vocational schools.

Those who want to start a medical transcription career, will spend their days listening to reports from doctors. Recordings are transmitted via digital, analog or Internet methods. The medical secretary wearing a headset to listen to recordings of the doctor. (more…)

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