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Natural remedies for sore throat

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

During the winter, the cold temperatures cause the throat irritates us easily and it hurts, either by swallowing or talking. In addition, other agents such as smoke, have a profession in which we need to talk as often or strep infections can also cause us sore throat that, although not serious, if uncomfortable and sometimes quite painful.

natural treatment for sore throat

To combat it we can use a number of natural remedies that will help to reduce the irritation and pain:

Gargle: We can perform them with warm water to which we will have added a little salt. If you prefer, instead of salt we use baking, especially if we have inflammation. Perform them gargles several times a day, so soothing throat irritation.

We can also get an infusion of warm water to which we add lemon and honey. The lemon helps to disinfect the throat while honey softens. If the idea of warm water draws us not much, we can prepare a soft tea we add the honey and lemon.

The honey has natural antiseptic properties, so take one teaspoon four or five times a day will help to soften and prevent infection. (more…)

Natural remedies for vertigo

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Vertigo is a condition that affects balance and sufferers experience dizziness, ringing in the ears and have the feeling that everything revolves around them, or they themselves are rotating, and even they can fall or faint. Hypertension, problems in the ducts of the inner ear (labyrinth), fluid retention or some medications can cause them.

natural remedies vertigo

When treating vertigo, we have a number of natural remedies that can help us to improve the symptoms and eliminate the feeling that everything revolves around us:

Apple: an apple Boil until band, and then squeezed for juice. Then take a teaspoon of this juice every hour until we feel the dizziness disappears.

Acupressure: We pressed hard with his right hand the center of the palm of his left hand. Pinch or massage circular space between the eyebrows can also improve symptoms. (more…)

Recipe of essential oil of bitter zen lotion

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

The bitter citrus is part of the citrus family. This is a fruit tree native to Asia, which was introduced in Europe in the Middle Ages by the Moorish invasions. It is now extensively cultivated in southern Europe for the food industry and perfumery.

bitter zen lotion

The preparation of the recipe lotion Zen essential oil of bitter orange

The essential oil of bitter orange is also used in aromatherapy to bring the peace and quiet for people with chronic irritability and nervousness. To that end, here is the recipe for a lotion massage with essential oil of bitter orange to bring the Zen attitude to people who need them. So plan 5 ml of essential oil of bitter orange, 1 ml of essential oil of marjoram, 1 ml of essential oil rainstorm, 1 ml of essential oil of lemon verbena, 4 cup vegetable oil hazelnut. (more…)

How to cure a sore throat naturally?

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

The sore throat is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the throat and there are natural treatments for its recovery.

The causes and symptoms of sore throat

Sore throat causes a sensation of tickling, burning throat, high pain and irritation. This disease is often a symptom of another disease, rather than a disease in itself. The sore throat is often caused by viruses so it is cooling after the symptoms of colds. In general, this disease is caused by angina or nasopharyngitis. Angina is a microbial infection of the throat, caused by a virus or bacteria. It causes spontaneous pain more or less significant worsening during swallowing. This pain is often associated with fever, general fatigue, runny nose, body aches and headaches. The throat is red and somewhat swollen, white dots may be present and lymph may appear. Tobacco, alcohol, pollution, allergy, tumor or talking too loudly and too long could also help a sore throat.

cure a sore throat naturally

Sore throats are presented by an inflamed throat. The individual suffering from sore throat is always a difficulty in swallowing solid foods. Sometimes, fever or colds and a cooling could also occur. If sore throat more complicated, swollen lymph nodes, unpleasant breath, hoarseness and difficulty breathing may occur. (more…)

All you need to know about essential oils

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Essential oils are the foundation of an aromatherapy treatment. Aromatherapy is a medical practice that aims to cure diseases by extracts of aromatic plants. There are different types of essential oils by the chemical nature of the active core.

essential oils

What is essential oil?

An essential oil is the concentrated liquid contained in the aromatic compounds from a plant. It is obtained by steam distillation or by extraction of water by chemical solvents. In other words, the essential oil is a fragrant liquid of complex composition and usually collected in a raw material such as plant and botanically defined. The essential oil is constituted by a mixture of various molecules, including terpenes, i.e. derived from isoprene and oxygenates such as ketones, alcohols or aldehydes. The amount of essential oil in a plant is usually very low, hence the selling price of the latter pretty expensive. Furthermore, it is to know that essential oils are categorized depending on the chemical nature of their active ingredients. Also, most of them are composed largely of more or less complex mixed esters, alcohols, sesquiterpenes or oxides. (more…)

Natural remedies to cure herpes

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

How many of you suffer from herpes, that annoying blemishes, also known as fever of lips?

Lip herpes is an infection triggered by the presence of the virus called Herpes Simplex and causes this annoying problem is stress or the general malaise that lowering the immune system, make us more vulnerable to virus attack. In case of herpes there are some basic rules to follow:

Lip herpes

- Does not scratch the blisters
- Do not touch your eyes after touching the infected part
- Wash your hands frequently with soap
- Avoid contact with the lips of your body than other people because herpes is contagious
- Do not use lipstick or lip balm until fully recovered
- Protect your lips with stick protection when you are exposed to intense sun (in the mountains or the sea). (more…)

Benefit of Argan oil

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

For the argan oil which is the market price? This unique natural substance has become, in recent times, one of the most sought regarding the welfare sector and cosmetics and many people are so interested in knowing the price of argan oil.

The argan oil is a substance which is extracted Argania Spinosa, a tree widely used in locations Maghrebi, so that the ‘Moroccan argan oil is considered no coincidence as the finest ever.

argan oil1

The properties of the oil of argan are very numerous, and it is even hard to list them all.

You must consider that this substance was removed naturally by the people of Morocco already being far away, just because you had a great awareness of what may be its many uses. (more…)

Aloe Cure is effective

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

To heal with aloe is a trend that is going increasingly consolidating in recent times, and it is no coincidence then, if lots of supplements and many wellness products dedicated to contain this precious natural substance.

aloe vera for stretch marks

The aloe, better known as aloe vera is a plant belonging to the family of aloacee, which since ancient times has been often cultivated by different populations because they were known at the time, some of its beneficial and curative properties. (more…)

The properties of argan oil

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

What are the properties of argan oil? This particular natural element, although it can boast a very ancient usage, has become in recent times one of the most popular beauty products and required.

properties of argan oil

Argan oil is a natural substance that is extracted from a plant, Argania Spinosa, widespread in North African areas, it is no coincidence then, if the ‘Moroccan argan oil is regarded as the best ever. (more…)

Argan oil good for pure beauty

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Argan oil is a natural product, as shown by several scientific studies, really has countless benefits and can be considered a real ally for health and beauty.

Argan oil is a substance that is extracted from a plant very common especially in Morocco, Argan, belonging to the family of sapotaceae.

Argan oil

Just because, indeed, is not easy to track in nature, its development is limited only to certain geographical areas and its extraction requires not just work, argan oil is one of the finest natural products that we have. (more…)

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