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Become an Emergency Medical Technician and Save Human Lives

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Emergency medical technicians are these medical professionals, who are trained in emergency medical services through didactic instructions, clinical training, and lab training.

EMTs provide emergency medical care and services to sick and injured, and transport these patients to various medical facilities. They are mostly found working in land ambulances, air ambulances, fire fighters, hospitals, and police departments. When they receive any emergency call, they rush to the emergency site, where their timely action and competent care save the life of injured or sick patients. Their competent care and medical services are valuable during car crashes, fires, natural disasters or any such emergencies. If anybody calls on 911, the first person an operator sends is EMTs for emergency assistances.

In order to become EMTs, individuals will have to complete different level of training programs including a) EMT basic level, b) EMT intermediate level, and c) EMT advance level. The duration of different levels of training also differs. EMT basic level requires 200-400 hours of didactic instruction, lab training and clinical training. EMT Intermediate can be completed in 200-400 hours or more, and EMT Advance Level training duration is 800 -1000 hours.. Basic Level has both full time and part time training options. For all level trainings, the minimum requirement is High School diploma or 10th grade level certificate. However, Advance level/Paramedic requires an Associate degree as a prerequisite. (more…)

Tips for caring for your bones

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Fortunately, we are becoming more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, exercise, avoiding alcohol and snuff …). One of the parts of the body that have to take care are the bones, which are responsible for making key functions, such as enabling locomotion, provide protection to the internal organs or harboring essential nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus.

The skeleton is composed of 206 pieces of bone and marrow, representing 14% of the total weight of a person. Most surprising is that a single bone fragment can support more weight than cement, with a capacity to hold up to 9 tons without fracturing. This is due to the hardness of the mineral composition of which are formed.

how to care your bones

Vitamin D

Good nutrition for bones must, first, foods rich in calcium such as milk and milk products, almonds, apricots and broccoli. But for calcium in the bones can be fixed is needed vitamin D and although not many people know, one of the main sources of this vitamin comes from sun exposure. Furthermore, it can be found in foods like fish blue, butter or eggs. (more…)

Simple tips for depression and sadness

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Do you feel depressed? With little strength to face a long day? In our blog we encourage you plant to face depression and sadness, with some simple tips which often give very good results.

The sport, the best medicine

The best natural medicine against depression and sadness undoubtedly? Sport Running, cycling, swimming, team sports, aerobics, dancing … Exercise is very good not only for our body into shape, but also to improve the health of our mind and spirit. You will find that your mood improves noticeably you.

tips for depression

Good nutrition

Food also influences. Did not happen when you’re sad you have less appetite? Therefore it is very important to recharge your batteries with a piece of fruit fresh to provide us with all the vitality and energy that our body needs to face a long day. (more…)

Start the day with a fruit

Monday, January 13th, 2014

In our blog we’ve spoken a lot of times about the importance of breakfast, a meal can help prevent obesity and strengthen the physical and intellectual performance. However, do not always give the importance it deserves and normal in Western societies have breakfast is fast and wrong or even not have breakfast.

The first meal of the day should contain three indispensable components: carbohydrates, any type of dairy and fruit whole. It really is important to eat a daily average of five fruits and vegetables. Want to know why it is important to take a piece of fruit at breakfast time?

breakfast with fruit ideas

Breakfast necessary to orbit

No matter if it’s an apple, a kiwi, a banana or an orange, but you must include a piece of fruit throughout breakfast. The reason is simple: to get up, took between 8 and 10 hours without eating anything and need glucose, which we entered via food, which help us to get into orbit. In fact, do not hinder the levels of care, understanding and uptake of information. (more…)

The Benefits of Investing in Used Cardiology Equipment

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Buying used pieces of cardiology equipment — ambulatory blood pressure monitors, electrocardiography machines, and so on — is a wise move for many laboratories, hospitals, private practices, and health clinics. The savings that such pieces of equipment offer can be indispensable to many cardiologists who are just starting their careers or who plan to launch new practices.

Some cardiologists purchase previously-owned equipment and utilize those pieces until such time as their practices are thriving. At that point, they sell those secondhand devices and replace them with new equipment. Other cardiologists, however, choose to keep their used pieces for as long as they’re functional.

Used Equipment = Huge Savings 

Start-up costs for medical professionals can be astronomical, and many hospitals and clinics must cope with ever-shrinking budgets. Thus, the price of new cardiology equipment can be forbidding. But used equipment frequently costs a mere fraction of the price of new devices; a single used item could save you thousands of dollars. Even more important, you can pass those savings onto your patients. Plus, purchasing used medical equipment online could not be simpler; the selection is overwhelming.

Used Devices Are Usually Reliable 

In many instances, a piece of used cardiology equipment is every bit as reliable as a piece that’s brand new. It’s not the case that people only sell medical equipment when it’s malfunctioning in some way. To the contrary, there are many reasons why a used cardiology device might be sold. Maybe the cardiologist who owned it has retired. Perhaps the former owner opened a practice with another cardiologist, and these partners now need only half of the equipment that they once had.

As Good as New or Even Better 

In fact, many pieces of used cardiology equipment are sturdier and better-performing than their new counterparts. That’s because a new device is basically an untested device; it might contain glitches that have yet to be discovered. On the other hand, a used device has withstood the demands of time; it has proven its reliability, its longevity, and its worth.

Furthermore, in many instances, trained refurbishing specialists will work with a used medical instrument before it’s sold in order to restore it to its original condition — or as close to the original condition as possible. In some cases, a refurbishing expert will actually repair a device so that it surpasses the condition it was in when it was brand new.

As an added bonus, a used cardiology device may still be under warranty. And when you purchase that item, the warranty will be transferred to you.

What to Look for in Previously-Owned Items 

Of course, it’s vital that you exercise the utmost care when selecting a used cardiology device. If you’re buying from a third party, you’ll want to investigate the reputation and the credentials of that dealer by reading online reviews and by checking with the Better Business Bureau. If you can, test out a used device before you purchase it. And make sure that you have an agreement in writing that allows you to return that device if it stops working.

Simple tips to live better and be happier

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

If it is true that old saying, you are what you eat, we must not only monitor our food and our lifestyle as a matter of health but also to improve our outlook on life.

stress, the rush, concerns, anxiety, money … All are problems in our daily routine, so from our blog we propose some simple tips to help you live better and be happier.

how to be a happier person

You’re feed

Tips to improve your lifestyle that are available to anyone, but that significantly make a difference.

For starters, do not forget to equip your kitchen pantry with healthy, low-fat foods, but especially varied food. That is, a bit of everything, but all good: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, fiber… (more…)

How to use the thermometer correctly

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Autumn has come, the time of colds and viruses. Over the coming months it will be essential that we not lose sight of the thermometer, as many of these colds and viral processes manifest with fever .

Despite thermometers useful than we are sometimes the truth is not always used correctly. In fact, a study of Pic Solution, a brand specializing in health care in the home environment, 49.3% of the population know the variation that may occur in the measurement depending on where it is taken. Since the measurement is as accurate and effective as possible, you should follow these recommendations.

How to use the thermometer correctly

Where to keep the thermometer

First, it is important to keep the thermometer at room temperature in a dry place, away from heat sources and protected from direct sunlight. Furthermore, it should be noted that electromagnetic fields can disturb proper operation. If infrared measurement, the thermometer should be in the same room where the temperature is taken at least 20 minutes early. (more…)

Benefit of Students Training Programs to Become a Medical Office

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing job markets in the country. With a Certificate or Associate Degree from an accredited online college, people can get jobs that will improve their lifestyle; medical online programs offer students training programs to become a Medical Office/Information Specialist. Doctors and other healthcare professionals need staff that is trained to serve the medical profession. They maintain the data in the office and make sure everything runs smoothly, so the doctors and nurses can focus on the patients. It is possible to get a Certificate as well as an Associate Degree online for this profession.

The certificate generally takes about 10 months to complete and the degree takes about 18 months. Today, there are many people who have received these certifications and are working in medical offices. Students learn how to: • Keep the patients’ medical records up-to-date and properly filed • Help patients fill out insurance forms • Help patients gain admission to a hospital • Arrange for laboratory services • Help patients relax when they come for treatment • Schedule appointments • Handle bookkeeping and billing This job is a very important part of running a successful medical practice and graduates with certificates or degrees in this field are in demand in the job market. (more…)

The importance of sleep in adolescents

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Sleep is more than essential to every man. Now we will see here the importance of sleep in adolescents.

Sleep is essential for humans. In adolescents, it must be a significant element; it provides several advantages over various areas. We learned that sleep is primarily about memory. The various information accumulate in the brain during the day will be processed during sleep, so that the brain can store more data.

importance of sleep

During sleep, the vertebral hormones are moisturized, the growth hormones are produced for the cure and of development, and the vertebral discs are moisturized. The sanguine flow is directed towards the places to heal, the memories are classified and motor skillful nesses are gauged. Sleep allows thus to do better to work our organism. Certain people confirm that the fact to improve the quantity and the quality of sleep will have a more considerable result on general health. (more…)

How to lower cholesterol

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Hypercholesterolemia is a disease that can be very dangerous here are some tips to lower cholesterol

The need for lower cholesterol real concern to many people, this particular disease, in fact, concerns important percentage of the population, and to be countered effectively requires a first diet.

How to lower cholesterol

But seek first to understand what constitutes good cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a molecule naturally in the blood, thus the term “cholesterol” in reality; it connotes a disease, but only one element in our body which also has a number of very important functions. (more…)

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