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Running is good for the brain

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Jogging, jogging, running … Call it what you want, but do not miss a sport that is very fashionable. Running is cheap, easy and almost anyone can practice.

And if that were not enough, plus all the benefits of the sport, a physical and psychological level, running is also very good for our brain. Want to know how? Here we reveal the results of a study by the University of Minnesota in the United States.

how to train your brain

Swimming and cycling also

According to the investigators, the study published in the journal “Neurology” is the most important so far. A study demonstrating the benefits it has run for our cognitive health. (more…)

Simple exercises to relieve foot discomfort

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

They are our unfinished. Feet endure our hectic pace of life, always from one side to another. The forgotten eternal, we only care about caring, when it is too late and we begin to feel discomfort.

Is it your case? Then do not miss some simple tips that will help you relax and relieve foot pain.

Do not wait until you hurt

Do not expect to feel real discomfort in your feet, and put into practice any of the tips that will explain below. Because your feet must bear the weight of our body, long walks, the consequences of an often uncomfortable shoes, the stress of our daily lives…

how to relieve foot pain

There are many culprits of foot pain and also many options available to us to relieve this discomfort. A simple exercise that will help you combat this problem is to extend a towel on the floor and try to crumple the toes. Then repeat this action, but smoothing wrinkles. (more…)

The best time for jogging

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Do you usually practice running often? And would you know tell me what is the best time of day to do it? If your answer has been in the morning, you are correct. At least this is what it claims to research by the University of Murcia and published in the journal Chronobiology International.

Morning sport has many more benefits than done overnight. Want to know what are those benefits? And will you also find out why? In that case, do not miss our article today.

time to jog

Our internal clock

Apparently, jogging and going to the gym in the morning is better than doing it at night, because our internal clock is synchronized with the natural light and mealtimes. So when we practice sport at night, what we do is send a mixed signal to our body that is reactivated. And this may impact negatively on the quality of our sleep. (more…)

Benefits of cardio kickboxing

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Ever heard of cardio kickboxing at any time? Do not? For it is the latest trend in fitness! And it is an ideal discipline to stay active both inside and out, every muscle toning and modifying the figure.

Cardio kickboxing is a combination of cardio and kickboxing exercises. With this mixture of exercise is performed both cardiovascular and aerobic work, putting you in shape, toning your muscles, improving strength cardiopulmonary, coordination and losing weight. Can you ask for more? We tell you all the benefits below!

cardio kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing session

Cardio kickboxing sessions usually last about 60 minutes, time in which to perform different exercises, among which is the warming , completion of the exercise program, you should be alternating current, both coordination work force or cardiovascular work, and stretching to prevent injury or soreness uncomfortable. It is essential to know the discipline and operation of equipment of the gym to take full advantage. (more…)

How to keep the figure at 40

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Arriving at age 40, the woman begins to change your metabolism and fat easier, so keep the figure will require more effort than in youth.

There are many women who need to keep the figure to feel good about themselves, to their self-esteem, and even more so to reach the critical age of 40, when they begin to see the first signs that the youth is left behind in time and begin to appear flab, stretch marks and wrinkles.

how to keep young


The body’s metabolism is much faster in youth, so that you burn fat more easily. However, when they are reached 40, the metabolism slows down, due to the loss of muscle mass, such that the fat accumulates more easily making it difficult to maintain the shape. (more…)

Benefits of walking after dinner

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Never before as economic activity was so profitable. And it just needed some comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing to give a good ride and thus contribute to improving the physical and mental health. But we’re not telling you anything new when I talk about the benefits of walking for health and to stay in shape, right?

However, until now we did not know the many advantages that can have a walk after dinner, right before bedtime. Do you want to know? Well then you list them.

walking after eating


Perform walk after every meal reduces the risk of developing diabetes type 2. Yes, it is preferable to perform three shorter walks (about 15 minutes) than a 45 minutes. Apparently the ride more effective in improving sugar levels is done after dinner, when insulin is reduced. And is that exercise helps the pancreas to secrete insulin and remove it from the bloodstream. (more…)

Tips for a good hydration in summer

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

When it comes to hydration, we mean not only sunscreen moisturizer that takes care of our skin from sun rays. Refresh and moisturize your body from the inside with plenty of water is essential, especially during the summer months.

Heat, moisture, sun exposure and physical exercise are the culprits that our body become dehydrated and need more than never plenty of fluids in order to recover. That is why in our post today want to share with you some nutritional tips that experts recommend to prevent our bodies from thirsty.

hydration and sports

A bottle of water

The water always with you when you go to the beach, the pool, for a walk in the mountains or by the field, while you practice your favorite sport… Your best ally to deal with rays of sunshine and high temperatures. (more…)

Advantages of running at night

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

It is true that exercising in the morning has many advantages but perform according to that sports when we said goodbye to the Sun is not too bad. Running at night, for example, also has its benefits.

Jogging is one of ultimate sports to keep fit. Many people choose this type of exercise because it’s inexpensive and you can also do it where you want and, of course, whenever you want. In fact, lately, running when the Sun has fallen completely is becoming fashionable. Do you want to know the advantages of this practice? We then have them you.

running at night benefits

Download tensions

Go running after a long working day and other concerns; it can be very useful to download all the stress while you do all day balance. That Yes, it is important to be well equipped with reflective clothing and flashlights. Of course, if it is accompanied, much better. (more…)

Advantages of elliptical

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Are you also immersed in the operation bikini? It is normal! Is increasingly less to the arrival of the summer! Many of us have put the batteries and have set aside the sedentary to get fit and look a healthy and slim figure during the hottest months of the year.

Although you can does exercise both at home and on the street, many prefer to join the gym. And it is in these sports centers you can find a lot of machines that allow all kinds of exercises. One which has more success is the elliptical and is not surprising, because it brings a lot of advantages. Do you want them to know?

best at home elliptical

Three movements in one

Elliptical machines are a mixture of three movements that are observed in the step machine, running and skiing. It’s the perfect machine for people with injuries of knee, back problems or diseases such as osteoporosis, since the foot is always supported and the movement is oval. In addition, it is ideal for treating sports injuries of the undercarriage, such as ligaments, meniscus, or bone of the knee, ankle and hip problems. (more…)

Mental benefits of exercise

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

The main objectives of all people who start physical exercise often improve overall health, lose weight, gain muscle or get a slimmer body. However, there are other benefits we can get from the sport and often go unnoticed, such as the effects on mental health.

And, since a few years ago scientists are figuring out how exercise can improve brain function. Although, really, if you usually physical exercise will certainly already have noticed some of its beneficial effects (such as stress relief, serve to disconnect from the daily routine …) without much research. But also to reduce stress or serve as an escape from the daily routine there are many other benefits:

brain running

One. Releases chemicals that make us feel good:

As you know, exercise releases endorphins, substances capable of creating a sense of relaxation and happiness. Even some studies have shown that physical exercise can relieve certain symptoms of depression. That is why many experts recommend to people who suffer from depression or anxiety starting to practice some physical activity. (more…)

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