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What are throat tonsils?

Monday, April 21st, 2014

What are throat tonsils? Angina is an acute inflammation of the throat or tonsils. Its name comes from the Greek “which tightens”. In the case of inflammation, the throat is tightened, causing pain. Angina may be of bacterial origin – usually in infants, and children up to 15 years – or more current, which is the malware.

In fact, ten anginas, eight are due to a virus, and two only to a bacterium. When inflammation only concerned to the tonsils tonsillitis is speaks and when it affects the throat, i.e. to the pharynx, is spoken of pharyngitis. When it is an infection of the larynx, rare, one speaks of laryngitis. Normally, the palpation of the neck region reveals the increase in volume of one or several nodes.

strep throat tonsils

Types of angina

Several classifications of this infection are differentiating. Angina Erythema – Erythema means red – is called red angina. Eritematopultacea angina, also called white angina, is a variety of angina with identical red angina symptoms, but with the presence of a whitish coating or a few white spots. (more…)

Sleeping during the day increases the risk of premature death

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

The nap can be very beneficial to physical and psychological level, but it gets out of hand. Because according to experts, sleep during the day can increase the risk of premature death.

And on what basis to draw these conclusions so dire? A study by the University of Cambridge, UK, has the answer. Take a look…

 risk of premature death

30% more likely

According to the experts who conducted the study, people who sleep during the day are up to 30% more likely to suffer a premature death. The research, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology , analyzed more than 16,000 people over 13 years. And of those 16,374 volunteers, killed a total of 3,251 patients during the years of the study. (more…)

Why do we blush?

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

When we are in love and we see the person we love, when we say something nice, but when we have to speak in public or we have made a mistake.

There are many reasons and circumstances that get us out colors. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Why do we blush? Despite how much science advances, experts still have not managed to respond to this great mystery. Are you curious to learn more about this involuntary reaction? Well read on … we’re going to bring out the colors!

why do we blush?

Adrenaline, the biggest culprit

Blushing is an involuntary reaction absolutely, that no human being can control. And what is the primary key of this very human reaction? (more…)

What is anaphylactic shock?

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

There are words and terms we’ve heard hundreds of times and have read a lot about them, but have not yet clear what they are. Anaphylactic shock is a good example of it.

A severe allergic reaction that spreads rapidly and can affect different parts of our body, a shock that we should not take lightly, because you can put our lives in serious danger.

treatment of anaphylaxis

Why it happens

Also known as anaphylaxis, allergic reaction that can occur in different ways. Overall, the food is usually the main culprit of this shock, but also some types of drugs, and even bee stings and exercise after eating. (more…)

Easy Tips to deal with the time change

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

As usual at this time, we again change the time? Order to maximize the daylight hours, we have to change our clocks again.

A tradition we noticed not only in our bodies but also psychological and emotional level. And you know how we really affect this time change? Today I also explain how you can survive it.

How does it affect the time change?

Fatigue, sleep problems and even bad humor are some of the most common consequences of moving the hands of our clock to adjust to the new schedule.

how to deal with stress

A change that does not affect all people equally, as always there are more sensitive than others to these changes. If you belong to this club, it is important to be prepared to reduce as far as possible all the effects of the time change. (more…)

What is the gene Sleep

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Why do some people have trouble sleeping? In addition, what is the cause of insomnia? They are very interesting questions that the scientific community has responded with research I explain to you today.

The key to everything is in the gel sleep. At least this is what says a team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University in the United States. Want to discover the amazing results of this research? Then do not miss anything.

gene mutation

Mutant gene or gene “Wake

Apparently, there is a gene that when mutated sleep or altered those famous causes sleep disorders, many of us have ever experienced. In addition, including insomnia. (more…)

Tips for spring allergies

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Since that famous proverb says: spring alters blood. Although some people more than others, especially if traditional suffer spring allergies.

Is it your case? Then do not miss the post we’ve prepared for you today with some tips that will help you better manage the allergy season. Do not miss anything!

spring allergies

Check with your doctor

Today we help you avoid those annoying sneezing, irritation and itching of the nose and eyes, and other common symptoms of spring allergies. A problem that affects many people throughout his life, and getting younger. (more…)

Tips for preventing and treating foot pain

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

By having to spend hours standing or using the wrong shoes … All we ever experienced pain or discomfort in your feet. If you also are one of them, do not miss the tips that will explain today to relieve this discomfort.

If your pharmacy questions in confidence, sure you can find a cream or treatment that will help you combat this discomfort. Even if the pain is quite intense, and even stops you from continuing with your life, you should visit a specialist.

foot pain diagnosis

Footwear and special insoles

In most cases, the treatment is usually better prevention. So if you have a long day, choose a shoe or special templates to combat this type of discomfort. Question in any pharmacy. (more…)

10 types of female orgasms

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Did you know that the central nervous system is causing you to experience the Orgasms female? The reason is the generation of electrical impulses that travel from the brain to the spinal cord of our body. But there are different ways for women to have an enjoyable sex life.

Meet them!

According to information posted on the website, erogenous zones are located in the skin, breasts and hands can create unimaginable climax when properly stimulated, especially in this World Day of Female Orgasm. To surprise your partner tonight, here are the key points:

types of female orgasims

Clitoris : This is one of the orgasms female celebrity. All you need to cherish this part of the body to stimulate nerve endings eight thousand, as this tiny but powerful body is divided into 18 micro parts, inside and outside the body. (more…)

How it affects our health precarious work

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Job insecurity not only affects our pocket, but also our emotions and our mental health. In addition, although we do not need any reports to prove it, in case we had any doubt, a recent study by the Australia National University (ANU) confirms what we all know. Precarious workers are much more likely to suffer anxiety and depression.

Each person is a world

Precarious employment is an increasingly common reality and can disguise him in many ways, but the results are usually the same. Although the psychological consequences are not the same for all workers.

health and safety for workers

The study by the National University of Australia, published by the journal Psychological Medicine, poor mental health associated with job insecurity and unemployment. (more…)

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