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The worst foods for teeth

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

I always recommend the best foods to sleep well, to fight the cold and even to reduce stress in your life.

There is no doubt that a healthy and balanced diet can help us improve our quality of life, and avoid some diseases. But did you know that some foods can also be harmful to our teeth and gums? If you have problems with your teeth, take note of the foods that should not be on your shopping list…

worst foods for teeth health

The pomegranate, beets and blueberries

Today we share with you a list of foods harmful to our teeth, which has developed Quality Dental Group. Take pen and paper, and notes. (more…)

Causes of toothache

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Have you ever suffered from toothache? It is more likely that your answer was Yes, because it is probably the most common cause of pain in the facial region, in most of the cases were caused by acute pulpitis, i.e., an inflammation of the pulp of the tooth cavity.

This inflammation usually manifests you as intense and sharp, pain that appears in response to stimuli such as cold, hot or sweet foods. When the inflammation progresses it can cause a dental infection that can be extended if it is not properly in the vicinity of the tooth that initially caused the pain.

ause a toothache

However, there are other many causes of pain in the oral cavity. You like to know what? So very attentive to what we tell you then. (more…)

How to prevent gum bleeding

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Bleeding gums is a fairly common problem that can have different causes. In any of them, proper hygiene and good health of our teeth are essential to prevent bleeding gums.

If you also have this problem, do not miss the tips that we bring today to end once and for all one of the most common oral disease, gingivitis.

bleeding gums

The snuff and stress, great enemies

If you smoke, you better start to ask yourself seriously stop this habit as harmful to health. Numerous studies have shown that snuff greatly exacerbates this problem. (more…)

How to get a fresh breath

Friday, April 12th, 2013

One of the most uncomfortable we may face is bad breath, which is the subject of the most embarrassing situations and it affects more people than we think. In fact, you yourself can suffer from bad breath without realizing it. Although it may be that the problem of bad breath comes from the stomach or other physical cause, the fact is that in 90% of cases, the problem is in the mouth.

Thus, the most common causes are bacteria found on the tongue, gum disease, sores and open cavities and the “dry mouth”. Fortunately, we have time to avoid bad breath. Want to know how? Here we give you the keys.

get fresh breath


As you can imagine, the primary key is hygiene. When brushing your teeth, many forget that they present various surfaces (front, back, top and floss), and we only deal with the anterior surface. (more…)

The Work of a TMJ Dentist and the way to find an Experienced

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

TMJ is an extremely unusual disorder that almost all well being care professionals are unaware of. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joints which are positioned on either side of the person’s face. The key cause of TMJ disorder is actually a shift inside the place of patient’s teeth or by orthodontic work performed within the patient. A patient going through this disorder will expertise symptoms like issues and discomfort when opening or closing his/her jaw, jaw clicking, and also tightness inside the jaw.

In case you really feel that you’re going through any on the over talked about signs, you must quickly seek advice from a TMJ dentist. Just before you go seeking a TMJ dentist, you need to first seek advice from together with your normal dentist and describe these signs to him or her. Any regular dentist may even have the ability to diagnose this disorder by conducting a thorough examination. Your standard dentist is going to be more acquainted together with your jaw and teeth history than any new TMJ dentist. Consequently it is vital that you just 1st seek the advice of together with your standard dentist and discuss your problems with him or her initial and after that get his/her suggestions on which TMJ dentist to head to. (more…)

Caring for Sensitive Teeth

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

When we have sensitive teeth, we experience feelings of rejection or pain when chewing something that is too hot or too cold, especially the latter. This feeling is very annoying, and can even, in many cases, deprive us of eating foods that we like a lot, like ice cream in summer.

To care for and reduce somewhat the tooth sensitivity can follow a set of guidelines that we detail below.



The oral hygiene is essential to care for sensitive teeth, especially since, in many cases, is that poor hygiene which makes our teeth sensitive, because the dirt in them destroys the enamel, which protects the nerve endings in the teeth. (more…)

Solutions to a broken tooth

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Wear a nice smile is essential if you want to maintain self-esteem at the desired levels. However, it is even more important to maintain good health mouth, for what you do not need perfect teeth.

It is possible that during your life, due to a fall, blow or chewing something hard, you break a tooth, something that, fortunately, there is a solution. Of course, if you do not want to cause any serious problems soon, you’ll have to quickly go to your dentist, who will indicate you the best option for your problem. Want to know what you can do in case you break a tooth? Here we give you all the options.

A tooth Solutions

Good news and bad

If you have broken a tooth two News: good and bad. The good news is that there are different options to solve your problem. The bad news is that all of them will pose a significant financial outlay. However, it is important that you go to the dentist, and not only for aesthetic reasons. The fracture of a tooth can cause other problems sores, infections and even loss of the tooth. (more…)

How to brush your teeth properly?

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

We assume that you brush your teeth every day but do you do it the right way? Although it may seem something super simple, the fact is that many people do not brush their teeth properly, so you do not get to have that smile we all want to look flawless.

brush teeth properly

In addition to genetics, enamel and how born and grinding teeth, a good cleaning is essential to have oral a perfect mouth. In fact, it is best to brush your teeth three times a day (after meals). Of course, it is also advisable to use mouthwash to completely eliminate the bacteria from the mouth. But do you know how to brush your teeth properly?

First, it is important to have all the tools necessary. The first of them is the toothbrush, which preferably has to be smooth to avoid damaging the enamel or gums. Furthermore, it requires a toothpaste containing fluoride. (more…)

The importance of a healthy mouth

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

The mouth plays a vital role in our health. It is the first organ in our digestive system, which allows us to grind and swallow the food we eat every day. In addition, it is also active in taste perception and breathing.

importance of a healthy mouth

It is one of the most helpful we have since come to the world. It allows us to know the consistency and texture of things and is vital when to speak and express themselves in the process of communication. A healthy mouth is synonymous with a healthy body, and often is synonymous with a well integrated into the society.

For all these reasons and more, it is very important for the health of the mouth and sees your dentist at least twice a year. Why should we? Well to prevent oral diseases such as tooth decay or gum inflammation (gingivitis). A diseased mouth does not work well and that can cause problems in our body. (more…)

Teeth whitening: natural techniques and DIY products

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Show off a smile dazzling white is desire of many and everywhere you will find products that promise miraculous results. But not everyone knows what goes with the products on sale in stores (pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.) and with the methods ” do-it-yourself ”.

The classic white color is due to enamel, the constituent substance outside of the tooth, which can adsorb pigments capable of altering the appearance, brilliance and making the color a bit darker. However, it is necessary to specify the color of teeth is the result of many personal factors (nutrition, genetics, and health of the subject) and is never white as the white porcelain. Well see the natural white teeth is never pure white, but shades of gray or yellow (more or less present depending on the case) which increase the intensity from the edge to the tooth gum collar. Also the color changes depending on the tooth, usually the canines have a typical color is darker than the other.

Teeth whitening

The first advice that we give you about proper dental hygiene: use the mouthwash and dental floss and toothbrush and toothpaste. Also, don’t forget to visit every 4-6 months to the dentist for a complete cleaning of the teeth.

But let’s get to an overview of bleaching techniques, with which you can restore the color of teeth not only to natural white (removing stains) but also to pure white. (more…)

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