If we gain strength and power in the legs, one of the best training we can take is the race on hills, as the slope of the land requires more effort into our bodies. However, it is usual to start up the hill with all the desire and power and come up just when we breathe and we are forced to stop the race to catch our breath and thus alleviate overexertion we have done.

running on hills to strengthen the legs

To avoid this and minimize the impact that the uneven terrain can cause in our joints, we can follow a few tips:

The first is that we often forget is that we should not try to keep pace when running on flat ground. To get to the top of the hill without drowning, it is vital to us mark a slower pace of the race. The rate you choose depends on your fitness level, and must be one that allows you to climb the hill at a steady rate.

Training on slopes should be gradual to avoid forcing the ankles and knees. Experts advise during the first two weeks, train one day, and the two following two days a week, starting always with differences of medium intensity and gradually, gradually increase both training days and the intensity of the hill.

During the ascent, is essential to increase slightly the elevation of the knee, in proportion to how steep slopes either. You should also increase the momentum of the arms to rise easier. As for the feet, unlike you support when running in background, i.e., first supporting the forefoot and then the heel, to avoid wasting energy in stride.

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