Everyone is aware of how necessary it is the sleep and rest for health: helps keep us young, have energy and be healthy. Furthermore, surely you’ve heard a lot of times it is recommended that you should sleep 8 hours a day. But you know why?


Many people try to deceive themselves by saying they do not need that amount of hours sleep, but the truth is that they provide a lot of benefits to health. One of the most important is happiness. People suffering from insomnia or sleep well show that not more likely to suffer depression and alcoholism, while people who get enough sleep are more cheerful and positive.

In addition, the recommended hours sleep helps you stay more alert and more memory. Think that when you do not sleep the required time, retention and attention span are affected. Also, when you not sleep the recommended time, the immune system is also affected, becoming more vulnerable to contracting diseases.

To those who are worried about their figure and beauty will be interested to know that sleep helps keep the weight right and the rapid metabolism and slows aging. Regarding the latter, keep in mind that when you do not sleep enough are elevated hormone levels that cause stress and decrease the growth necessary for the regeneration cell.

Sleep eight hours also prevents diabetes, because when you have insomnia increases insulin resistance, which is a precursor of diabetes type two. Finally, people who do not sleep well tend to be more easily irritated by any situation, worsening the interpersonal relations.

Do you cheer up from now to sleep eight hours a day? Sure, your body will thank you!

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