The way we walk not only gives style and elegance, but also affects health. Good posture when walking will help you keep healthy and prevent back pain. One of the most important training of the models is precisely to walk correctly. However, it must be a top model to follow some habits suitable.

how to walk properly

To keep your back healthy, it is necessary that the head is erect, but you should never put stress on the neck, so forget about stiffness. Furthermore, attempts to look go towards the front and never the ground. Similarly, you should walk with your back straight but keep it rigid.

Another of the things you should do is walk with the stomach contracted, although this will happen naturally if you stay straight. In addition, walking the hips should be the protagonists and never stomach or head.

It is also important to give long steps. The best thing is that you feel how if will float without running, just walking at a moderate pace. If you have nothing in your arms, it is best that these are on the sides of the body and move naturally. Ideally, no crossing in front of your chest and put his hands in his pockets.

A good trick while old is walking in a straight line with a book in his head. You can draw a straight line on the floor of your house and walk without get out of line. With a little training will get improve your posture by walking, as the books on his head forced to lengthen the neck and put straight and walk on the straight line helps your hips lead.

The gait is simply a habit, so with a bit of time you can get better.

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