The halitosis or bad breath can come for two reasons: a health problem or a poor diet. If you suffer from this problem and, fortunately, have nothing to do with any problem in your digestive system, you can help control the food that you eat and carrying out some tips.

foods that cause halitosis

The answer most normal bad breath is usually in the food we eat daily. If you reduce the consumption of some of them and you increase the intake of other, you prevent and solve the problem. However, keep in mind that you cannot reduce them as a whole, since many of them are a source of nutrients and vitamins the body needs. Do you want to know what foods you should avoid as much as possible?

Foods that you are reducing the garlic and onion as both have characteristic for their intense aroma. Similarly, neither are desirable olives (as some of them are seasoned with garlic or other substances that contribute to bad breath), pepperoni, salami and some cheese because hamper digestion, causing the odor. On the other hand, have to be careful of some sweet sticky consistency, and that remain between the teeth. Also some alcoholic beverages leave residues and stick in dental plaque, bad breath benefiting.

Once you are clear about this, keep in mind that there are foods that improve the halitosis. One is the apple, which is considered as excellent and natural toothpaste. Also highly recommended is tea, especially when prepared with an infusion of mint.

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