Heaviness, pain, swelling, there are many symptoms associated with tired legs and, especially in summer, can be particularly troublesome, because the heat causes the movement of return to work even more difficult than the rest of the year, delaying veins and allowing the accumulation of blood and other fluids in the feet and legs.

diet to improve tired legs

This accumulation is responsible for the appearance of tired legs and varicose veins, very difficult problem and usually only solution we can solve by methods such as leg lifts, apply cold, etc. However, food also plays an important role in improving the tired legs, so it is important to introduce some foods and restrict others in our diet:

Avoid excess salt: No we never delete it from our diet unless a doctor tells us, but reduce the excessive consumption of it, as it encourages fluid retention. Through it we also avoid to indulge in sports drinks.

Increase your fiber intake: If we do not suffer from constipation fiber, which will result in an increased level pressure that can cause abdominal venous insufficiency in the legs. It is therefore essential that we include in our diet fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, legumes and whole grains and pasta and rice grains.

Drinking water and fluids: Drinking water, juices and other liquids is essential, especially in summer when the heat makes us sweat more.

Foods diuretic effect: It will help remove fluid, and thus improve the swelling but we should not abuse them. The asparagus, leeks, onions, celery, etc., and fruits such as melon or watermelon cannot miss in our diet to improve our tired legs.

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