The experts offer different opinions on the run barefoot. One group says it is beneficial to health, while the other group believes the exact opposite. People who like to run barefoot, like Christopher McDougall, author of the bestseller ‘Born to Run’, say that running barefoot improves the tranquility of the corridor and prevents knee and ankle problems.

advantages of running barefoot

The other part is against these findings claiming that it can generate more than one health problem. Here are some of the advantages of running barefoot:

Different investigations carried out have found that barefoot runners have an efficiency of 4% compared to runners with shoes.

There is a developing steady gait that gradually helps strengthen and tone the muscles of the foot, ligaments and tendons.

About 30% of runners are injured every year. These lesions are mainly produced by hardening of the tissues. Go barefoot allows for better functioning of the tendons and muscles of the legs, reducing the appearance of these lesions.

The small muscles of the leg, foot and hip area are activated, resulting in improved balance and a high sense of position, location, orientation and movement of various body parts.

The intensification of barefoot helps in merging with the floor of the toes, and makes the person feel more connected to the environment.

The activity is enjoyable when done with a phased approach, and provided the soil is perfect for running.

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