It is never a good idea to expose the skin to extreme temperatures. While we all know the damage done by sunlight on our skin, the effects of winter are no less problematic. Chilblains are a good example of what can be done at extremely low temperatures in our skin. These chilblains are a kind of blisters that appear in the toes and fingers and sometimes on the ears or the tip of the nose.

the problem of chilblains

People who are sensitive to cold, or suffering from poor blood circulation are susceptible to this painful problem. It has also been observed that certain individuals, for some reason, are more prone to these problems in the skin. What causes chilblains? Poor blood circulation, as discussed earlier, is the main culprit. Hormonal changes, unhealthy eating habits and anemia are also factors contributing to its development.

While some people do not suffer ever, others are dreading the winter. However, there are some natural home remedies for chilblains, which will produce a great relief, but remember that in extreme cases, the physician must be the person responsible for resolving the problem. Ten careful because many people believe that when is passed very cold; it is best approaching quickly to a heat source.

It is imperative to refrain from doing so because the sudden heat may aggravate the problem. Instead, we must allow the body to take the time to warm up before starting to massage the affected area gently. When poor circulation is the cause, is a good idea to place the affected area elevated.

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