We all know too well the many benefits of doing sports, is not it? Now that summer is the number of people who want to get away from the sedentary to lose some kilos is greatly increased. However, many are not aware of the importance of hydration when exercising, especially during this time of year.

the importance of hydration in sports

If you do not drink enough during sports can suffer serious consequences. This is because the body reduces its ability to carry oxygen and nutrients to working muscles, is not maintained adequate plasma volume and thermoregulatory capacity emporia. Experts recommend drinking between 2 and 2.5 of fluids a day, though this figure may even double if you practice exercise, but depend on the intensity, duration, humidity and time of day you choose to do so.

You should drink before, during and after sport. If over 45 minutes and with sufficient intensity, are suitable drinks for athletes, incorporating some mineral salts, like sodium, magnesium or potassium. These help to rehydrate the body facilitate the absorption of water and replenish electrolytes lost.

It is very important to start exercise well hydrated and drink during the same between 200 and 300 ml on every 20 minutes, depending on its intensity and duration. Similarly, it is essential hydration after exercise.

On the other hand, keep in mind that thirst can disappear when you make a great effort, so it is very important to drink although there is no thirst. Try to always have a drink bottle around and drink small amounts at regular intervals. Of course it is important to avoid alcohol, especially during the recovery period after exercise practice.

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