Vertigo is a condition that affects balance and sufferers experience dizziness, ringing in the ears and have the feeling that everything revolves around them, or they themselves are rotating, and even they can fall or faint. Hypertension, problems in the ducts of the inner ear (labyrinth), fluid retention or some medications can cause them.

natural remedies vertigo

When treating vertigo, we have a number of natural remedies that can help us to improve the symptoms and eliminate the feeling that everything revolves around us:

Apple: an apple Boil until band, and then squeezed for juice. Then take a teaspoon of this juice every hour until we feel the dizziness disappears.

Acupressure: We pressed hard with his right hand the center of the palm of his left hand. Pinch or massage circular space between the eyebrows can also improve symptoms.

Ginger: Take one cup a day of ginger tea can help to combat the symptoms of vertigo. To prepare it’ll take a teaspoon of ginger ground into a cup of boiling water. We may also use other teas, such as Ginkgo biloba (especially recommended if the vertigo is due to the lack of irrigation), chamomile, lavender, rosemary or basil.

Take foods rich in vitamin B: Brewer’s yeast or grains are rich in B vitamins, so we include in our diet to help control the vertigo. Also, the meat should be present in our diet, by its vitamin B12, in the case of dizziness are due to anemia.

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