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Iron, the best source of energy

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

There are times when we are more tired than usual or that our ability to concentrate is reduced. Do you know what can be? Probably it is due to lack of iron. The nails or brittle hair and pale skin are other symptoms of this deficiency.

iron the best source of energy

Iron is what causes the hemoglobin, which is the element that is responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs throughout the body and also gives our blood pigment. So if you have iron deficiency the body must use other ways to bring oxygen to our organs. Thus, there is anemia, pale skin, increased heart rate, increases the fatigue. If you think you have this kind of problem do not worry, because it has a solution. (more…)

Caring eyes in summer

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

You know that in summer you have to take many precautions: sunscreen on your skin, monitored with food, hydrate properly. Also, pay special attention to eye care, although you should always be taken into account during this time suffer from the effects of sun. So you can enjoy the good weather and everything station offers without jeopardizing the health eye, you should the follow a few tips.

caring eyes in summer

First, it is very important to use the glasses of sun, which are not only a fashion. Thanks to the approved glass and a good sunscreen, you can isolate the solar radiation. Therefore, you should buy in optics. On the other hand, must pay more attention to the protection of the most small, they are more sensitive to sunlight, since the lens does not cover entirely the penetration of radiation. Also during this time tend to spend more time outdoors. It is best to begin to wear sunglasses after 5 years. You can supplement this protection with the use of caps or hats. (more…)

Sports to reduce thighs

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

It brings the summer and appears to have concerns about a perfect figure. The gyms are filled at this time and both men and women are willing to lose those extra pounds to show off their swimsuits at beaches and pools. One of the big resorts is the thighs, and we want to give you some tips to reduce them.


Have nice thighs is what many seek and desire. But how can we refine this part of our body effectively? It is best to practice sports that serve to sharpen and not for our muscles to bulk up. What sports should we avoid? The step or aerobics are not the best solution, nor are all racket sport or sports that require runs fast. They strengthen our muscles and thus get the opposite effect to that wish. (more…)

Tips for a healthy and happy

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Do you want to have a life healthy and happy? There are several things you can do to help you get and from Passion Health want to help you do. Therefore, we will give a series of recommendations that should follow every day to feel good inside and out.

tips for a healthy and happy

First, keep in mind that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This should give you energy and vitality, be low in fat and include all food groups. Surely a good breakfast helps you concentrate better during the day. On the other hand, be sure to eat the vitamins needed during the day.

Of course it is very important to exercise, for example, walking. Walking move all the muscles and relaxation is achieved. Also highly recommended is dancing, cycling, swimming or yoga.

A bath will energize you great to relax and have a nice skin. With a natural sponge can exfoliate your body, activating the movement and giving a gentle massage. We also recommend that you try to stretch during the day. Surely a few seconds of stretching muscles and eliminate stress bring you energy. (more…)

Exercises to strengthen triceps

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

When working the arms and muscles define them, we may run on any exercises to strengthen biceps, forgetting sometimes muscle from the back of the arm, the triceps, a muscle, but may be less obvious that the biceps, covering over 60% of the arm, so it is essential to strengthen it and set it to strengthen his arm, but also from an aesthetic standpoint, as it helps define the arm, preventing sagging thereof.

exercises to strengthen triceps

Some of the exercises that will allow us to define and strengthen the triceps are the following:

Sitting in a chair with your back straight: We contract the abdominals and, we hold a dumbbell with both hands at shoulder height. Then go up and down the arms, raising the dumbbell overhead. The weight of the dumbbell will depend on our physical condition. If we have not exercised before, we choose one to five kilos, toning the muscle to go slowly. We can increase the weight according to our physical condition, but not overdo it to avoid possible injury to the neck or arms. (more…)

Natural remedies for vertigo

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Vertigo is a condition that affects balance and sufferers experience dizziness, ringing in the ears and have the feeling that everything revolves around them, or they themselves are rotating, and even they can fall or faint. Hypertension, problems in the ducts of the inner ear (labyrinth), fluid retention or some medications can cause them.

natural remedies vertigo

When treating vertigo, we have a number of natural remedies that can help us to improve the symptoms and eliminate the feeling that everything revolves around us:

Apple: an apple Boil until band, and then squeezed for juice. Then take a teaspoon of this juice every hour until we feel the dizziness disappears.

Acupressure: We pressed hard with his right hand the center of the palm of his left hand. Pinch or massage circular space between the eyebrows can also improve symptoms. (more…)

How to purify the liver

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Did you know debug the liver is recommended at least once a year? This organ is important for good health, as performs many tasks necessary for daily living. On the one hand, plays the role of detoxification of the body, making the substance less harmful toxic and, thus, are feasible to be excreted.

how to purify the liver

Next to the liver also works the gall bladder, whose main function is to concentrate bile, which in turn serves for digestion of fats. As the liver is so much work, it is best that we avoid what makes you even more work. To do this, we need to debug it.

Interestingly, dandelion helps the liver to debug, especially those who are lazy. This plant is able to increase from 2 to 4 times the secretion of bile. Also, the artichoke and milk thistle are good in this respect, as they have silymarin, protector of this body. (more…)

Health Insurance for all stages of your life

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Choosing health insurance for family is an important decision because if you choose to receive adequate coverage for the necessary protection, while a wrong insurance can take the family to financial disaster.

health insurance

Sometimes what may seem an expense; it really is a good investment. At the end of the day without good health, all other things are not so important. The health insurance system is so expensive, so it is advisable to have medical insurance to help cover the costs arising from illness or accidents.

It is important to know all the insurance options available to you in order to choose the best. Better safe than sorry. If you doubt this, just remember how many times wished to have had the time to learn all the options and requirements to purchase Each person is different and therefore has to find a plan that best suits your lifestyle and your specific needs. (more…)

A look at care during pregnancy from the transcultural nursing

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

The culture of a people determines the meaning and vision of life, health, disease, death and care practices. Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are not without cultural constructions, their values and beliefs about this process, considered natural and are part of the continuity of the human race. Each culture defines and criminalizes from its particular view of life, and these are transmitted and perpetuated over time.

transcultural nursing

This has influence on health practices in this vital stage of life and defines many of the beliefs and values around them even though they are different from scientific logic, have been put into practice for many years.

The theory of “diversity and universality of cultural care” provides the guidance and the scientific method to approach and meet the care practices of peoples and cultural groups during gestation. The relationship between the care assistant jobs and the subject of care, it is necessary to coordinate actions for the preservation, maintenance or restructuring. (more…)

Reasons for cycling

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Today riding bicycle is more fashionable than ever. Some cities even have a bike hire service and, thus, reduce traffic and pollution. Furthermore, this type of exercise is extremely beneficial to health.

reasons for cycling

If you intend to start doing a bit of sport, we recommend you choose cycling as well as contribute positively to the environment and improve your health, it is ideal for fitness. Also, now that we have good weather here, this is the best method to move at any point. Learn about the benefits of bicycling below! (more…)

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