The anxiety, restlessness, mood were very common in the western world and to all ages, at all times. Often the excess brightness is a problem which occurs naturally in children and not just a proper education.

The anxiety instead occurs with different symptoms from adolescence onwards, excess stress due to study or to work, and the inability to sustain strong emotions, a disappointment in love. The anxiety-provoking situations must be prevented and treated quickly were anxious to avert more serious disease risks, such as anxiety, apathy, and depression.


Every day each individual earns its tranquility through a delicate process. Inner peace is a duty to him, thinking to their support and caring for your physical wellbeing, and toward others, demonstrating respect and love for people and the environment that surrounds us.

Sometimes the goodwill is not enough and the excitement grows causing discomfort. In these cases you can contact some soothing substances the word sedative derives from “sit”, i.e. to sit, be quiet, and this star is the intent of many natural remedies that come directly from the plant world.

A premise must be made, sometimes more than you need to subtract add. This is the case of hyperactive children, where the solution is not always in the administration of medication, but maybe in the move away from certain foods, those that contain refined sugars.

Now, let us drill down into an overview of foods and herbs that help us relax and rest well. We do also, reminding us that plants contain active ingredients that can interact with medications and, if you care, always consult your doctor.

Let’s start with a basic food in the Mediterranean diet, pasta, which stimulates the production of serotonin, to better manage the states of wakefulness and sleep. The milk, with tryptophan, reduces aggression and, if consumed at night, maybe with barley and with a cup of cereal, rich in carbohydrates, promotes the rest.

Then the proteins (meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products), which are essential for supporting the body of someone who leads a busy life or makes a lot of physical activity. In the salad relaxing it put valerian, lettuce and radishes. Among the herbs prefer the sage, who makes more cheerful, the Basil, who makes you feel good to digest and stomach level, making you forget stress, Marjoram and oregano.

The list continues with natural herbs for teas, infusions, gaskets, plates or alcoholic extracts passion flower, valerian root, kava-kava, hops, chamomile, St. John’s wort, purple lavender, lemon balm.

Finally, we remind you that to find the relaxation is first necessary to remove coffee, tea, and ginseng and intoxicating, taking away the children from carbonated beverages.

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