Protein diets have become fashionable. The promise of losing weight quickly and almost effortlessly seduces all who want to get rid of a kilo of more regardless of these diets, because of its high protein content, pose a health risk, especially to the liver and kidneys.

health risks of high protein diets

These diets are based on limited almost entirely carbohydrates, allowing a free intake of protein. This combination makes our body into ketosis, a situation in which our body burns fat trying to get the energy they usually give you carbohydrates. This means that important organs like the brain should begin to feed on fat instead of sugar and this causes physiological changes that cause symptoms such as fatigue, malaise, nausea, headaches, dizziness, and apathy.

The liver and kidney are the two organs most affected by these diets, because the liver has to metabolize protein we consume throughout the day, while through the kidney is removed the products resulting from this metabolism, especially sulfates and phosphates, which recharge the functions of this organ.

The risk of osteoporosis also increases due to these diets, as a high protein intake promotes the excretion of calcium through the kidneys, which is not deposited in bone, which will eventually weaken.

The high protein intake increases levels of uric acid in the body, which can lead to the emergence of diseases such as gout or kidney stones.

So if you do a diet like this, you should always be for a limited time and under medical supervision.

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