The greedy and the greedy will not have to feel guilty at teatime. This meal is very essential for a balanced diet!

Snack, a meal essential not to neglect

Whether eating a small sandwich, cookies or cakes, the taste is essential to complete the mental and physical effort and provided to ensure the rest of the day. Like any other meals, snacks should be full and varied. It is conveniently taken at set times and once. Contrary to what some might think, this meal should not be neglected since it serves as effective appetite suppressant. A scientific study conducted in 2009 shows that the collation of 16 h to effectively help weight management while providing many benefits to the health. Indeed, taste it allows a better distribution of energy intake during the day, and provides the nutritional requirements essential to the body.

Taste, for large and small

The perfect snack

The taste should be a balanced meal. It is thus distinguished from snacking which is stimulated by stress or fatigue, for example. Snacking is based on a very caloric consumption and high in carbohydrates, based confectionery crisps, pastries and other soft drinks. For a balanced snack, we must rely on simple, healthy foods, avoid snacks ready to eat! The menu typically found bread that accompany a thin layer of jam or a slice of cheese. To avoid uncontrolled cravings, this snack will be ideally combined with fruit or fruit juice, followed by a dairy, a glass of milk or yogurt, for example!

Wafers appetite suppressant and infusions teatime

At tea time, you can also think of small cakes of Dr. Dukan Oat Bran, ready to be chewed to melt in the mouth. It represents an effective appetite suppressant through the swelling in the stomach of 3 g of fiber per wafer, up to 25 times their volume of water! In addition, they have the advantage of trapping a portion of ingested fats, which are then eliminated naturally. At tea time, you can replace the milk infusion. Opt for example green tea, an infusion at rosemary or anise! In addition to stimulating the elimination of toxins and other undesirables, green tea also has the advantage of regulating the bowel and improves digestive functions.

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