The point of that little or nothing has been said and or conversed, is these mothers who had to deal with life or death to themselves by a nonviable pregnancy.

Discussion of therapeutic abortion and abortion, no last name, was installed on our own agenda. No conversation of friends, acquaintances, neighbors, relatives not to touch the subject.

Now abortion was permitted in 80, and according to the cases of abortion were approximately 90 per year, which, to ban it generated more cases and clearly now the numbers are estimated to be at 150,000, but about 20,000 actual cases as hospital discharge data for natural or abortions.

aborto-vision of mothers

Therapeutic abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy for medical justifications as serious risk to the mother’s life, to safeguard the physical or mental health of the mother, risk of congenital or genetic disease to the child or reduction of embryos or fetuses in multiple pregnancies.

Vision of mothers

But we think the point that little or nothing has been said we talked to, is one of those moms who have had to face life or death for themselves by a nonviable pregnancy and not have the option to decide, but simply have a cruel wait.

We speak of mothers and pregnant women, the beautiful is expected to have a baby in our bellies, but when this becomes a time bomb, how is that a mom can pass the pregnancy? How is living with the constant question?

We read the case of the radio announcer Matilda Svenson, expected twins and still a high risk pregnancy, which had to do daily blood tests, which nursed, but that despite all that one of their children died within the womb, needing removal is that the other not died, but as the therapeutic abortion was illegal they could not do so. She was living with a baby dead in her womb. Which meant that the other baby also died? It was impressed.

When asked about abortion said that in any case would have the same pregnancy, but believes in having the option to decide what the future of their children and also of her own life.

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